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to watch from the most passionate movies of all time, to improve your sense and sensibility and something to make you feel whole and loved.
Watch American Beauty (1999) video

Watch love video from American Beauty (1999)
movie with Thora Birch as Jane Burnham and Wes Bentley as Ricky Fitts. Quotes: I need to remember. Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world. I feel...
  Watch Mogambo (1953) video

Watch love video from Mogambo (1953)
movie with Grace Kelly as Linda Nordley, Clark Gable as Victor Marswell and Ava Gardner as Eloise Kelly. Quotes: I'm warning you. I'm searching. I'm looking ...
  Watch River of No Return (1953) video

Watch love video from River of No Return (1953)
movie with Marilyn Monroe as Kay and Robert Mitchum as Matt Calder. Quotes: I think you do a little acting yourself. You could be nice if you half-tried ...
  Watch On The Beach (2000)

Watch love video from On The Beach (2000)
movie with Armand Assante as Cmdr. Dwight Towers and Rachel Ward as Moira Davidson. Because the old. It is warmer and more humane...
  Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) video

Watch love video from Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
movie with Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly and George Peppard as Paul Varjak. Quotes: So plenty! I love you. You belong to me ...
Watch Casanova (2005) video

Watch love video from Casanova (2005)
movie with Sienna Miller as Francesca and Heath Ledger as Casanova. Quotes: ... experience? Yes, I know him. All love is true in different ways...
  Watch Places in the Heart (1984) video

Watch love video from Places in the Heart (1984)
movie with Sally Field as Mrs. Spalding and John Malkovich as Mr. Will. Quotes: I always wanted to have blue eyes, like my mama...
  Watch The Player (1992) video

Watch love video from The Player (1992)
movie with Greta Scacchi as June Gudmundsdottir and Tim Robbins as Griffin Mill. Quotes: I was outside these windows watching you and it was so exciting, new and ...
  Watch Kings Row (1942) video

Watch love video from Kings Row (1942)
movie with Ann Sheridan as Randy Monaghan and Ronald Reagan as Drake McHugh. Quotes: I don't see how any one so pretty could be so practical...
  Watch The Admirable Crichton (Paradise Lagoon) (1957) video

Watch love video from The Admirable Crichton (Paradise Lagoon) (1957)
movie based on J. M. Barrie's stage comedy, with Sally Ann Howes as Lady Mary and Kenneth More as Bill Crichton.
Watch Anna and the King (1999)

Watch love video from Anna and the King (1999)
movie directed by Andy Tennant, based on the Novel by Margaret Landon with Jodie Foster as Anna Leonowens and Chow Yun-Fat as King Mongkut.
  Watch Regarding Henry (1991)

Watch love video from Regarding Henry (1991)
movie directed by Mike Nichols, screenplay by J. J. Abrams, with Annette Bening as Sarah Turner and Harrison Ford as Henry Turner.
  Watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

Watch love video from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
movie directed by Frank Oz, screenplay by D. Launer, S. Shapiro, and P. Henning, with Glenne Headly as Janet Colgate and Steve Martin as Freddy Benson.
  Watch The Black Orchid (1958)

Watch love video from The Black Orchid (1958)
movie directed by Martin Ritt, screenplay by Joseph Stefano, with Sophia Loren as Rose Bianco and Anthony Quinn as Frank Valente.
  Watch And So It Goes (2014)

Watch love video from And So It Goes (2014)
movie directed by Rob Reiner, written by Mark Andrus, with Diane Keaton as Leah and Michael Douglas as Oren Little.
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