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with Paulette Goddard as Abby Martha Hale and Gary Cooper as Captain Christopher Holden, from 1947 movie directed and produced by Cecil B. DeMille, written by Charles Bennett, Fredric M. Frank, Jesse Lasky, Jr., based on the novel by Neil H. Swanson.
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Quotes with pictures from video ABBY MARTHA HALE: Chris? CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Yes. ABBY MARTHA HALE: What happened to the little dog? CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Out chasing varmints, I guess. We'll take him along with us to Ben Salter and his wife at Venango. ABBY MARTHA HALE: I wonder why they didn't take him. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Benjamin Salter, his Bible. ABBY MARTHA HALE: I was thinking the Salters must have been very happy heremust have been very happy here. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Why? ABBY MARTHA HALE: It feels like it, doesn't it? CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: I guess so. ABBY MARTHA HALE: Back in London, I used to want to be a grand ladyI used to want to be a grand lady with carriages and mansions. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Maybe you will somedayMaybe you will someday. ABBY MARTHA HALE: No. Now I just want what the Salters haveNow I just want what the Salters have. This. Was she very pretty? CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Hmm? Who? ABBY MARTHA HALE: The girl you bought the green dress for. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Oh, Diana. I guess so. ABBY MARTHA HALE: Why didn't you marry her? CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: She liked someone else betterShe liked someone else better. ABBY MARTHA HALE: Better than you? She must have been crazy. ABBY MARTHA HALE: Good night, Chris. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Good night, Abby. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: The Salters are the New World, unconqueredThe Salters are the New World, unconquered. Unconquerable because they're strong and free, because they have faith in themselves, and in God. ABBY MARTHA HALE: Chris. I need shoeing again. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Venango is just around the bend. ABBY MARTHA HALE: It is? Let's look. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Let's patch the moccasin first. ABBY MARTHA HALE: You mean Venango's goodbye. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Maybe. You know, they can make a lot of trouble for runaway slaves. Maybe we'd better call you Mrs. HoldenMaybe we'd better call you Mrs. Holden. ABBY MARTHA HALE: Mrs. Holden? CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: Just for Venango, of course. ABBY MARTHA HALE: Of course. Just for Venango. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: But then you may get to like the sound of ityou may get to like the sound of it. Might even want it for keeps. Here. ABBY MARTHA HALE: Are you asking me to marry you?
ABBY MARTHA HALE: Because you're sorry for me.
CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER HOLDEN: I'm only sorry that it took to long to find you. Hey, what are you crying about?
ABBY MARTHA HALE: It's just that I'm so full of happiness it's overflowing.

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