Two Weeks Notice video

from 2002 movie with Sandra Bullock as Lucy Kelson and Hugh Grant as George Wade | Quotes
Lucy: George, I just want to say thank you. Thank you and I know I can be harsh and demanding... but I want to try and change because I believe people can change. I can change and not be so demanding and, you know, like, meet you halfway. I just... I know... Things just... Once I...
George: Lucy, I am in love with you.
Lucy: And I'm in love with you.
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Please, consider this my two weeks' notice
Please, consider this my two weeks' notice
  I was just kidding
I was just kidding
  George: Oh, I should just mention that I have resigned and am now poor.
Lucy: Good.
George: When I say poor, I mean we may have to share a helicopter with another family. Does that work for you?
Lucy: As long as I don't have to work for you, we will be fine.
George: Excellent. And now I would very much like to discuss that whole bobcat-pretzel thing.
Lucy: Oh, I was just kidding. I'm allergic to bobcats, actually.
George: I'm very sorry to hear that.
Lucy: But I can do the pretzel.
George: That's excellent news.