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with Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond and William Holden as Joe Gillis from 1950 movie
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JOE NARRATING: There it was again. That room of hers, all satin and ruffles. And that bed like a gilded rowboat. The perfect setting for a silent movie queenThe perfect setting for a silent movie queen. Poor devil. Still waving proudly to a parade which had long since passed her by. It was at her New Year's party that I found out how she felt about me. Maybe I'd been an idiot not to have sensed it was coming. That sad, embarrassing revelation. NORMA DESMOND: Joe! You look absolutely divine. Turn around. JOE: Please. NORMA DESMOND: Come on. Perfect. Wonderful shoulders. I love that line. JOE GILLIS: It's all padding. Don't let it fool you. You know, to me, getting dressed up was always just putting on my dark blue suit. NORMA DESMOND: I don't like the stud they sent. I want you to have a pearl. A big, luscious pearl. JOE GILLIS: Well, I'm not going to wear earrings, I can tell you that. NORMA DESMOND: Cute. Come on, let's have a drink. JOE GILLIS: Shouldn't we wait for the others? NORMA DESMOND: Max, champagne. Careful, it's slippery. I had it waxed. Here's to us. You know, this floor used to be wood, but I had it changed. Valentino said there's nothing like tile for a tangoValentino said there's nothing like tile for a tango. Come on. JOE GILLIS: Not on the same floor with Valentino. NORMA DESMOND: Just follow me. NORMA DESMOND: Don't bend back like that. JOE GILLIS: It's that thing. It tickles. NORMA DESMOND: It does? JOE GILLIS: It's quarter past ten. What time are they supposed to get here? NORMA DESMOND: Who? JOE GILLIS: The other guests. Gloria Swanson as NORMA DESMOND: There are no other guests. We don't want to share this night with other people.Gloria Swanson as NORMA DESMOND: There are no other guests. We don't want to share this night with other people. This is for you and me. JOE GILLIS: Oh? NORMA DESMOND: Hold me tighter. JOE GILLIS: Okay. Come midnight, how about blindfolding the orchestra and smashing champagne glasses over Max's head? NORMA DESMOND: You think this is all very funny. JOE GILLIS: A little. JOE NARRATING: An hour dragged by. I felt caught, like the cigarette in that contraption on her finger. NORMA DESMOND: What a wonderful next year it's going to be. What fun we'll have! I'll fill the pool for you. I'll open my house in Malibu, and you can have the whole ocean. And when our picture is finished, I'll buy you a boat and we'll sail to Hawaii...
JOE GILLIS: Stop it. You're not going to buy me anything more. NORMA DESMOND: Don't be silly. Here. I was going to give it to you at midnight. William Holden as JOE GILLIS: Norma, I can't take it, you've bought me enoughWilliam Holden as JOE GILLIS: Norma, I can't take it, you've bought me enough.
NORMA DESMOND: Shut up. I'm rich. I'm richer than all this new Hollywood trash. I've got $1,000,000.
JOE GILLIS: Keep it.
NORMA DESMOND: I own three blocks downtown. I've got oil in Bakersfield. Pumping, pumping, pumping. What's it for but to buy us anything we want?
JOE GILLIS: Cut out that "us" business!
NORMA DESMOND: What's the matter with you?
JOE GILLIS: What right do you have to take me for granted?
NORMA DESMOND: What right? Do you want me to tell you?
JOE GILLIS: Has it ever occurred to you that I may have a life of my own? That there may be some girl that I'm crazy about?
NORMA DESMOND: Who? Some carhop or dress extra?
JOE GILLIS: What I'm trying to say is that I'm all wrong for you. You want a Valentino, somebody with polo ponies. A big shot.
NORMA DESMOND: What you're trying to say is you don't want me to love you. Say it. Say it!
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