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Video quote from Samson and Delilah with Victor Mature as Samson and Hedy Lamarr as Delilah from 1949 movie directed by Cecil B. DeMille
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SAMSON: Once your father offered you to me in marriage. DELILAH: I remember what you called me. SAMSON: Never mind what I said then. Will you marry me now? DELILAH: There are too many lies between us. You still fear me more than you love me. SAMSON: I don't fear you enough. DELILAH: You don't trust me enough. SAMSON: I love you enough. DELILAH: Then tell me the secret of your strengthtell me the secret of your strength. SAMSON: My strength? My strength is... DELILAH: No, Samson, no! I don't want to be armed with a weapon to destroy you. SAMSON: Weapon? It wouldn't be a weapon if you really loved me. DELILAH: Oh, Samson, Samson. How can there be nay doubt left in you? SAMSON: If there is, I'll end it now. Look about you, Delilah. The moon that lights this oasis by night. And the sun that lights it by day are not there by chance. In the beginning, there was only darkness, until one power created light and shaped the earth and all the things that live upon. DELILAH: Your invisible god. SAMSON: My strength comes from him. DELILAH: But how does his power reach you? Is he here with us now? SAMSON: He's everywhere. In the wind, in the sea, in the fire. In your heart if you believe in him. His is the only power in the world that can break open a seed and raise it into that great treeHis is the only power in the world that can break open a seed and raise it into that great tree. DELILAH: And can I share this power with you? SAMSON: Anyone can share it. It's a gift that makes men greater than themselves. With it, some can stir the soul with music. Others can read the truth in men's hearts and forgive. To me, it's the strength to break any bonds that can be put upon me. DELILAH: Will you always have this strength? SAMSON: As long as I keep faith with the almighty. A long time ago, I was dedicated to him. Many of the vows I've broken. But one I've kept. DELILAH: A vow has made you strong? SAMSON: Oh, it's much more than that. Do you remember the lion I killed? DELILAH: I'll never forget. SAMSON: The strength of the lion makes him king of beasts. The great ruff of his mane is the mark of his powerThe great ruff of his mane is the mark of his power. DELILAH: Go on, Samson! SAMSON: Men of the desert know that the long flowing mane of the stallion is the mark of his power. Among my people, they say that the strongest ram has the heaviest wool. But clip the mark of his power, the shield of his strength is gone. You've seen the eagle climb the sky. But pluck the two prime feathers from the tip of one wing and the mighty eagle can no longer fly. The mark of his power is gone. DELILAH: The mark of his power. Samson. This is the mark of your power. It's your hair. If it were shorn from your head... SAMSON: I'd be as weak as any other man. DELILAH: You believe that this great god of yours has given you your power through your hair? You do believe that, don't you? SAMSON: From the beginning, my mother taught me so. DELILAH: Your power is in your hair. What a beautiful power it is. Look how it curls around my finger. Black as a raven's wing and wild as a storm. Shall I pull it out and steal your power? SAMSON: You cannot steal what's yours already. DELILAH: Come with me to Egypt. We'll not be Danite and Philistine there. Only Samson and Delilah. In the valley of the Nile, the air will be sweet with myrrh, and only the flight of the ibis will darken the sky. Will you come with me? SAMSON: My eyes could never find more beauty than they see in you. DELILAH: Through all eternity, nothing can ever take you out of my arms.
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