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from 1960 movie with Jean Simmons as Varinia and Kirk Douglas as Spartacus | quotes
Varinia: ...shadows, I...
Spartacus: To blue shadows and purple woods.
Varinia: Spartacus, you frightened me!
Spartacus: I'm sorry.
Varinia: How long have you been there?
Spartacus: A little while.
Varinia: Why didn't you say something?
Spartacus: You seemed so happy. I didn't want to bother you.
Varinia: I am happy. Spartacus, I've been trying to remember the song that Antoninus sang. Is it blue shadows and purple woods? Or is it purple woods and blue shadows, or what is it?
Spartacus: I want to make love to my wife!
Varinia: Spartacus, put me down. I'm...
Spartacus: I don't care.
Varinia: You've got, you've...
Spartacus: Yes? Varinia: You have to be gentle with me.
Spartacus: Why? Why, darling?
Varinia: I'm going to have a baby. Now put me down.
Spartacus: What?
Varinia: A baby.
Spartacus: A baby? When?
Varinia: In the spring.
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Spartacus (1960)
Spartacus (1960)
  Spartacus: How? I mean, how do you know?
Varinia: I know.
Spartacus: A baby in the spring. I'm gonna have a son.
Varinia: But it might be a daughter.
Spartacus: Why didn't you tell me?
Varinia: I just did.
Spartacus: You're cold. Here, get underneath this. Did I hurt you?
Varinia: No, you didn't.
Spartacus: I didn't mean to be so rough.
Varinia: Why don't you kiss me? This is the first time I was ever going to have a baby.
Spartacus: A baby.
Varinia: I'm just the same as I ever was, Spartacus. I won't break.