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with Ida Lupino as Lily Stevens and Cornel Wilde as Pete Morgan, movie directed by Jean Negulesco, produced and screen play by Edward Chodorov, story by Margaret Gruen and Oscar Saul
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Quotes with pictures from video LILY STEVENS: Hi. PETE MORGAN: Hello. Hmm. Better luck with your shoes off? LILY STEVENS: Ha. PETE MORGAN: You waiting to see me? LILY STEVENS: Okay. Who are you? PETE MORGAN: I'm Pete. Pete Morgan, the manager. LILY STEVENS: Good. Can you manage me a room in a hotelCan you manage me a room in a hotel? I'm tired. PETE MORGAN: Well, it's kind of tough. But I have a little place upstairs while you're waiting, if you're tired. LILY STEVENS: What did you say your name was? PETE MORGAN: Pete. It's a tricky name. LILY STEVENS: Pete what? PETE MORGAN: Morgan. LILY STEVENS: Well, Mr. Morgan, I'd be very happy if you'd just get Jefty for me. PETE MORGAN: Oh, well, Jefty is a little busy right now. I usually handle the detailsI usually handle the details. LILY STEVENS: Is that so? Well, I'm Lil Stevens, new entertainer from ChicagoI'm Lil Stevens, new entertainer from Chicago. Right now I'd like to sleep. PETE MORGAN: Oh. The new equipment. What do you do to entertain? LILY STEVENS: Oh, didn't Jefty tell you? PETE MORGAN: No, but I can guess. I know Jefty. Isn't this small stuff for a good performer? LILY STEVENS: Not at the money I'm getting. PETE MORGAN: Small town, small pickings. LILY STEVENS: Well, I got a small voice. Besides, who said I was good? PETE MORGAN: What'd he promise to pay you? LILY STEVENS: Too much. About twice what I usually get. LILY STEVENS: What's this? PETE MORGAN: The depot. LILY STEVENS: Yeah. That's where I came in. PETE MORGAN: Yeah, that's where you're going out. Now look, Miss Stevens, let's not kid each otherlet's not kid each other. As I said, it's small pickings in this town. Now, here's a couple of hundred bucks and some extra. I think that'll square us for your trouble. Yeah, that's better. You see, every time Jefty leaves town he gets drunk and brings somebody back. LILY STEVENS: Oh, he does? Does he know you're going to all this trouble? PETE MORGAN: No, but he'll find out it's for the better, and so will you. LILY STEVENS: Supposing I don't want to goSupposing I don't want to go? PETE MORGAN: Yeah, but you will. You see, Jefty gets tired easily then it's up to me to do the dumping. I don't like it, but if I have to I can get rough. LILY STEVENS: Oh, you can? Huh. Well, this should really buy me off, shouldn't it? PETE MORGAN: I thought you'd be as smart as you look. LILY STEVENS: Listen. When I want to leave, I'll let you know. I came out here with a contract. I needed the dough. And I'm gonna collect every nasty little cent of it. Maybe more. Who knows? Before I'm through, you might be running for the depot. Don't try to borrow two bits from me when you shove off. PETE MORGAN: Now look, baby, I'm not trying to rush you. LILY STEVENS: Silly boy. LILY STEVENS: Oh, thanks. Uh, she comes to work early, doesn't she? PETE MORGAN: She's a hard worker. LILY STEVENS: Mm-hmm. She looks tired. PETE MORGAN: This one's going to be a straight ballThis one's going to be a straight ball. LILY STEVENS: Okay, coach. PETE MORGAN: Straight. LILY STEVENS: Straight. I think I get the idea. PETE MORGAN: Hey, how did it start? LILY STEVENS: Oh, simple. Just came over, lifted me and the piano. Nothing to it. Competition. I guess my old man wanted me to sound like that. He used to say to me, Lil, someday you're gonna sing at the Met. Heavy opera. He called it heavy instead of grand. He played the foot organ. Won it in a poker game. But he'd say to me, Lil, you gotta practice. Study hard, day and night. So in the daytime I worked in a factory. At night I'd study. Practice while he played the foot organ. Well, by the time I got good enough to sing Madame Butterfly, what do you know? I lost my voice. We're not kidding ourselves anymore, are we? What brought this on? It was worth it. PETE MORGAN: Hiya, Skipper. LILY STEVENS: Hi. PETE MORGAN: How do you feel? LILY STEVENS: I feel good. PETE MORGAN: What are you thinkin' about? LILY STEVENS: Oh, nothing much. I was just thinking that all my life I've been on the goall my life I've been on the go. Living with the smell of stale smoke lot of drunks breathing down my back. Always on my own. PETE MORGAN: What about your old man? LILY STEVENS: Oh, him? He was great. Only trouble was, when he was sober he hardly recognized me. But I loved him. Yeah, one day he blew. My mother died. I was alone. And a friend took care of me. PETE MORGAN: I love you, LilyI love you, Lily. LILY STEVENS: How long have you known Jefty? PETE MORGAN: Oh, way back before the war. Jefty and I were pinboys together. Only Jefty's father owned the place. LILY STEVENS: Well, why did you come back here after the war? PETE MORGAN: No ties. Jefty, the roadhouse... It was home, that's all. LILY STEVENS: Are you gonna let him run your life always? PETE MORGAN: Oh, you don't understand. Jefty needs to have somebody around. He needs a friend. Nobody's all good. Nobody's all bad. LILY STEVENS: I'll never forget the look on his face when you said you wouldn't teach me to bowl. It was just as if he could have killed you. PETE MORGAN: Nah. He's just a spoiled guy. LILY STEVENS: Is he? So am I, Pete. I want you to need me. Have you ever really wanted anything? I mean besides Jefty and the roadhouse? PETE MORGAN: Yeah. I've always wanted to own a fishing boat somewhere off the Portland coast. You know, it's cold up there. The wind bites your face. Fishing boat. Bowling alley sounds a long way off. I'll bet you think I'm crazy. LILY STEVENS: No. No, I don't. I'd like to be in on that fishing deal with you. Ten to one I'll make a rotten sailor though. PETE MORGAN: I'll take that bet.
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