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with Annette Bening as Sarah Turner and Harrison Ford as Henry Turner from 1991 movie directed by Mike Nichols, screenplay by J. J. Abrams Quotes HENRY TURNER: Goddamn it. SARAH: You should apologize to Rachel. HENRY TURNER: I don't want you dealing with Tracy anymore if she doesn't replace this table tomorrow, that's it. SARAH: Henry, go tell Rachel you're sorry. You never apologized.You never apologized. HENRY TURNER: Did you tell the caterer we're 60 now? Okay.
HENRY TURNER: I told Rosella to get some cigarettes. Goddamn it. SARAH: Frances said Carol's daughter wasn't accepted at Huntington. They're all dying Rachel got in. HENRY TURNER: Carol's daughter's a virtual idiot. I'm gonna go get some. I'll be right back.I'll be right back. SARAH: Don't forget your keys.
SARAH: She asked what she could possibly do. I said: Don't come. Rachel got her school uniform. It's the most adorable thing. She put it on and she said: Mom, I don't feel smart. Henry, I know you can hear me.Henry, I know you can hear me.. SARAH: Henry, you back here? We closed. It's ours. The house is officially ours. Oh, my God. Henry. HENRY TURNER: It happened before? SARAH: Oh, God, please... HENRY TURNER: Before I was shot? You slept with Bruce before? SARAH: It didn't last. He kept writing to me, but it didn't last. Everything was different. You were different. HENRY TURNER: I don't remember what I was like, Sarah! SARAH: Listen to me. Don't walk away. We were miserable. You don't remember, but I do. I was lonely. We were in love once, years ago, and then we weren't, not for a long time.We were in love once, years ago, and then we weren't, not for a long time. But we're better now. Please don't walk away. Not now.
HENRY TURNER: I know this great blowfish place. SARAH: Henry, I'm sorry. HENRY TURNER: No, I'm sorry. You were right: things were different.You were right: things were different. SARAH: Oh, Henry. HENRY TURNER: There's something I need to tell you. SARAH: What is it? HENRY TURNER: I don't like my clothes. Maybe they used to be my favorites, but I don't feel comfortable in them anymore. SARAH: We'll get you new clothes. HENRY TURNER: I'm not done. Eggs. I don't like eggs. Or steak. And, Sarah. I hate being a lawyer. I quit and I told Charlie good-bye. SARAH: Whatever you want is fine. HENRY TURNER: I want us to be a family. For as long as we can, Sarah. SARAH: I love you. HENRY TURNER: Oh, I love you, too. I did like those mallomars, though.
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