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from 1940 movie with Greer Garson as Elizabeth Bennet and Laurence Olivier as Mr. Darcy
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Quotes MR. DARCY: Miss Bennet! I have a confession to makeI have a confession to make. I didn't tell the exact truth, I'm afraid, about the message from the Bingleys. ELIZABETH BENNET: You mean they didn't send one? MR. DARCY: They didn't send one for the good reason that Charles Bingley had every intention of bringing it himself. ELIZABETH BENNET: Himself? MR. DARCY: Yes. He came back to Netherfield last night. I was rather expecting to see him here this afternoon. Aahh! ELIZABETH BENNET: Oh, Mr. Darcy, this is your doing! MR. DARCY: Shall I tell you who is really responsible for your sister's happiness, Miss Elizabeth? Caroline Bingley. ELIZABETH BENNET: Miss Bingley? MR. DARCY: Yes. She sent her brother back by dwelling on all the reasons why he should stay away. ELIZABETH BENNET: Ohh! MR. DARCY: I only approved the decision that he had already taken on his own account. ELIZABETH BENNET: Mr. Darcy, there's something else I hardly know how to put it into wordssomething else I hardly know how to put it into words! What you did for Lydia. MR. DARCY: I have... but, I assure you I did nothing, Miss Bennet. ELIZABETH BENNET: Lady Catherine was not of that opinion. MR. DARCY: What? But I never gave her leave to tell you that! ELIZABETH BENNET: Gave her leave? Do you mean to say that Lady Catherine... MR. DARCY: I have... wanted to know if I would be welcome. She came as my ambassador. ELIZABETH BENNET: Your ambassador? I never imagined that that was the language of diplomacy! MR. DARCY: You know, she likes you, in spite of her languageYou know, she likes you, in spite of her language. ELIZABETH BENNET: Me? MR. DARCY: Yes! She really does! ELIZABETH BENNET: Oh! I wish I had known it! I wouldn't have been so rude. MR. DARCY: But that was what she liked. People flatter her so much she enjoys an occasional change. ELIZABETH BENNET: I'm afraid I gave her a good change this afternoon. MR. DARCY: She went away delighted! You evidently confirmed the good opinion she'd formed of you at Rosings. ELIZABETH BENNET: I don't know what to say or thinkI don't know what to say or think! Except that: you must allow me, what you did for Lydia. And, if the facts were known to the rest of my family, I should not merely have my own gratitude to express!
MR. DARCY: If you must thank me, let it be for yourself alone. Whatever I did, I thought only of you.
ELIZABETH BENNET: Oh, Mr. Darcy! When I think of how I've misjudged you! The horrible things I said, I'm so ashamed!
MR. DARCY: Oh, no! It's I who should be ashamed! Of my arrogance! Of my stupid pride! Of all! Except one thing! One thing! I'm not ashamed of having loved you! Elizabeth, dare I ask you again? Elizabeth! Dear, beautiful Lizzie!

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