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with Greta Scacchi as June Gudmundsdottir and Tim Robbins as Griffin Mill from 1992 movie Quotes JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: Something happened tonightSomething happened tonight. GRIFFIN MILL: Yes, but there's something else I have to tell you. This isn't easy for me. JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: Yes? How about if I just get on with my work and you talk to me when you feel like, okay? GRIFFIN MILL: I came very close to dying tonight. All I could think about was youAll I could think about was you. I don't even know you. But you came into my mind and I couldn't think of anything else. Remember that first night we spoke on the phone? I was outside these windows watching you and it was so exciting. So new and strange. I can't get you out of my mind. JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: Are you making love to meAre you making love to me? GRIFFIN MILL: Yes, I guess I am. I guess I am. I wanna make love to you. JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: It's too soon. It's too soon, isn't it? It's so strange how things happen. David was here then he left. You arrived. Maybe it's just the timing, but I feel like I would go anywhere with you if you asked. But we mustn't hurry things. You know, we can't hurry things any more than we can stop them. I think you better go now. I think I'm going to cry now. Better go, quick. GRIFFIN MILL: I'm sorry. JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: No, no, no, don't be sorry. Just go home and get some sleep and call me. Tomorrow. Invite me on a proper date. I'd like that.
JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: Tell me about the movies you make. GRIFFIN MILL: Why? JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: Because I want to know what you do. GRIFFIN MILL: Well, I listen to stories and decide if they'll make good movies or not. I get 125 phone calls a day. And if I let that slip to 100 I know I'm not doing my job. JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: Oh. GRIFFIN MILL: Everyone that calls, they wanna know one thing. They want me to say yes to them and make their movie. If I say "Yes, I'll make the movie," they think come New Years it's just gonna be them and Jack Nicholson on the slopes of Aspen. That's what they think. Problem is I can only say yesProblem is I can only say yes. My studio can only say yes 12 times a year. And collectively, we hear about 50,000 stories a year. So it's hard. And I guess sometimes I'm not nice and make enemies. And that's what I was to David. Enemy. JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: Was his story one of the 12?
GRIFFIN MILL: No, it wasn't.
GRIFFIN MILL: It lacks certain elements that we need to market a film successfully.
GRIFFIN MILL: Suspense, laughter, violence. Hope, heart. Nudity, sex. Happy endings. Mainly happy endings.
JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: What about reality?
GRIFFIN MILL: You're not from Iceland, are you?
JUNE GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: Why don't you put me in the hot springs and see if I melt?

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