On The Beach

video from 2000 movie with Armand Assante as Cmdr. Dwight Towers and Rachel Ward as Moira Davidson. Quotes
Dwight Towers: What do you do for work?
Moira Davidson: I have a small travel agency. But there is not much more to travel, so I'm not so much.
Dwight Towers: Moira, this is an example toptechniek.
Moira Davidson: That's me too. We understand each other. Trust me.
Moira Davidson: Do you know this? They are of my grandmother. Gekrast, but beautiful.
Dwight Towers: Because they were your mother?
Moira Davidson: No, because the old. It is warmer and more humane.
Moira Davidson: I wanted to go with the helicopter, but I had no pilot.
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Rachel Ward as Moira Davidson
Rachel Ward as Moira Davidson
  Armand Assante as Cmdr. Dwight Towers
Armand Assante as Cmdr. Dwight Towers
  On The Beach
On The Beach
  Dwight Towers: Had it said. I started helikoptervlieger as in the navy.
Moira Davidson: Is there something you can not?
Dwight Towers: I once tried to learn Korean, but I never got what I asked.
Moira Davidson: Can you lie?
Dwight Towers: Not so good. Why?
Moira Davidson: I can do. When you, it is not necessary. That is a good start.