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from 2004 movie with Ryan Gosling as Noah and Rachel McAdams as Allie. Quotes
He wrote to tell her that he still loved her, and he wanted to see her. And that if she would write back, he would come to wherever she was. He wrote one letter a day for a year 365 letters, but they all went unanswered.
Allie: Noah!
Noah: Hey, there. Well, we better get going, the rain's coming in.
Noah: You like it?
Allie: It's spectacular. It's like a dream.
Noah: Do you want to feed them?
Allie: Yeah. What are they all doing here?
Noah: I don't know. They're supposed to migrate to the Guatemala sound.
Allie: They won't stay here?
Noah: No, they'll go back where they came from.
Allie: You're different.
Noah: What do you mean?
Allie: Just the way you look. Everything.
Noah: You look different too, but in a good way.
Allie: You know, you're kinda the same though.
Noah: Yeah?
Allie: Yeah. And you really did it.
Noah: What?
Allie: Everything. The house it's beautiful what you did.
Noah: Well, I promised you I would. Great. We got to go.
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Rachel McAdams as Allie
Rachel McAdams as Allie
  The Notebook
The Notebook picture from 2004 movie
  Ryan Gosling as Noah
Ryan Gosling as Noah
  Allie: Why didn't you write me? Why? It wasn't over for me. I waited for you for seven years. And now it's too late.
Noah: I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year.
Allie: You wrote me?
Noah: Yes. You... It wasn't over. It still isn't over.