My Cousin Rachel video quotes - I wanted you to wear it

from 1952 movie with Olivia de Havilland as Rachel Sangalletti and Richard Burton as Philip Ashley
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Quotes PHILIP ASHLEY: To my distant, but very dear, cousin. RACHEL: To mine, with a heart full of love and gratitude. PHILIP ASHLEY: And now... Before the others arrive. Merry Christmas, dear Rachel. RACHEL: Now? PHILIP ASHLEY: If you will. RACHEL: Philip, darling. PHILIP ASHLEY: Put it on. Olivia de Havilland as RACHEL: The most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my lifeOlivia de Havilland as RACHEL: The most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. Thank you, darling. RACHEL: You mustn't mind, really. I was proud to have worn it for even that once. Richard Burton as PHILIP ASHLEY: I wanted you to wear it for alwaysRichard Burton as PHILIP ASHLEY: I wanted you to wear it for always. RACHEL: I know. PHILIP ASHLEY: But that stupid, unspeakable old... RACHEL: You're acting like a child. It doesn't matter, I assure you. Not in the least. PHILIP ASHLEY: I'm not a child. I must ask you to remember that. RACHEL: But I do, I do, darling. PHILIP ASHLEY: I'm five and twenty all but three blasted months. I object to any further patronage from anybody. My mother wore those pearls on her wedding day. Before that, my aunt. Before that, my grandmother. Don't you realize why I wanted you to wear them, too? RACHEL: Bless you. PHILIP ASHLEY: Rachel! Wake up, Rachel This is not the time for sleeping, girl. Wake up and come to the window. Or do you want me to come in and wake you up? RACHEL: Here, Philip. PHILIP ASHLEY: Yes, Rachel. RACHEL: What are you doing at this hour? PHILIP ASHLEY: I wanted you to look at the moon and smell the fragrance of spring in the air. RACHEL: But you've been drinking. PHILIP ASHLEY: Only at the springs of love. Here, catch this. RACHEL: I'll do no such thing! PHILIP ASHLEY: Catch it, I tell you. RACHEL: I do believe you must be really mad. PHILIP ASHLEY: Now pull it. RACHEL: It's heavy. PHILIP ASHLEY: Pull hard. RACHEL: What is it? PHILIP ASHLEY: I'll show you. RACHEL: You idiot! You'll fall and hurt yourself. PHILIP ASHLEY: Only a clod would walk up stairs on such a night. A man in love would scale the wallA man in love would scale the wall. RACHEL: Oh, do be careful, please! Have you taken leave of your senses? PHILIP ASHLEY: Perhaps. And never happier. RACHEL: Please, Philip. You can't do this. You must leave at once. PHILIP ASHLEY: Don't you know what the day is? RACHEL: It's not day and if it's your birthday you mean, that's tomorrow. PHILIP ASHLEY: And when do you think tomorrow begins? RACHEL: Now, you can't mean. PHILIP ASHLEY: Listen! RACHEL: So now it's all yours? PHILIP ASHLEY: No. Yours. RACHEL: I'm cold. PHILIP ASHLEY: Stand by the fire. You remember what your mother told you must happen on a birthday?You remember what your mother told you must happen on a birthday? RACHEL: Your hair is wet. PHILIP ASHLEY: I've been swimming in the sea. RACHEL: Philip, how could you in this weather? PHILIP ASHLEY: Do you remember? RACHEL: Non, but it was something foolish, I'm sure. PHILIP ASHLEY: Well, on a man's birthday his every wish must be granted. RACHEL: No, no, that's not it at all. PHILIP ASHLEY: That's exactly what you told me not two weeks ago. RACHEL: Only up to the age of ten. PHILIP ASHLEY: There was no such restriction. RACHEL: Then there is now. Up to the age of ten and not one day older. PHILIP ASHLEY: Very well, then, suppose this time we reverse it. The celebrator will try to grant you every wish. Whatever you want. Home. Money. Perhaps these to help you, while you decide. RACHEL: Are you out of your mind, Philip? PHILIP ASHLEY: No, and far from it. It's only that it's my 25th birthday, and everything I have is yours. Let me have your hand. And this. RACHEL: This is impossible, darling. PHILIP ASHLEY: No. This is right, they belong on you. And as to this, you can read it later. RACHEL: What is it? PHILIP ASHLEY: Take it. RACHEL: No, Philip. PHILIP ASHLEY: This home. This land. Everything. Which had always been yours, anyway. RACHEL: Philip, darling. PHILIP ASHLEY: If I owned the world, it would be yours, too. RACHEL: And all I have for you is a little pin for your cripethet? PHILIP ASHLEY: Blessed creature. Remember once I told you there was nothing else I needed in the world but the warmth and comfort of these four walls. RACHEL: I remember. PHILIP ASHLEY: I was wrong. I know now that it is something else. RACHEL: Are you very sure of that? PHILIP ASHLEY: More sure than of anything else on earth.
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