The More the Merrier | Just for two days

video with Jean Arthur as Connie Milligan and Joel McCrea as Joe Carter, from 1943 movie directed by George Stevens, screenplay by Robert Russell, Frank Ross, Richard Flournoy, Lewis R. Foster.
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Quotes with pictures from video JOE CARTER: Are you looking for someoneAre you looking for someone? CONNIE MILLIGAN: Who are you, how did you get in hereWho are you, how did you get in here? JOE CARTER: Well, I live here. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Since when?! JOE CARTER: Since this morning. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Oh, it's you! JOE CARTER: Hmm. CONNIE MILLIGAN: I thought the arrangements were that you would... JOE CARTER: Yeah, well I didn't have time to pack this morning I had to go get my orders. So I came back to pack nowI came back to pack now. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Where are you going now? JOE CARTER: Oh, I'll look for another place. CONNIE MILLIGAN: For just two days? JOE CARTER: Can't sleep in the park! CONNIE MILLIGAN: Don't you think it's kind of silly to move just for two daysyou think it's kind of silly to move just for two days? JOE CARTER: You mean? Oh boy! Yeah, that's swell, because, you know, when I get there, they're liable to ask me where I spent the last two days and if I said I spent my last two days looking for a placelooking for a place? they'll think I'm a dope. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Yes, I guess they would! JOE CARTER: You know, guys like that, they're liable to expect a fellow to spend his last two days goin' places and seein' the town. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Well, you see that's the way with those older men like Mr Pendergast... A girl gets to appreciateA girl gets to appreciate their more mature. CONNIE MILLIGAN: I'd better go. Goodnight. Mr Carter. JOE CARTER: Goodnight, Miss Milligan. JOE CARTER: I almost forgot where I liveI almost forgot where I live. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Goodnight. JOE CARTER: Connie... CONNIE MILLIGAN: Yes? JOE CARTER: Are you asleep? CONNIE MILLIGAN: No. JOE CARTER: Have you got an aspirin? CONNIE MILLIGAN: No but I got a headache. JOE CARTER: Me too. And I can't sleep. CONNIE MILLIGAN: You can't? JOE CARTER: No. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Why can't you? JOE CARTER: I love you, Connie. Did you hear what I said? CONNIE MILLIGAN: Yes. JOE CARTER: Well, if YOU feel the same way, would you tell me? CONNIE MILLIGAN: Would you stay right where you are? JOE CARTER: Yes. CONNIE MILLIGAN: I love you more than anything in the worldI love you more than anything in the world. I promise. JOE CARTER: Connie! CONNIE MILLIGAN: Yes? JOE CARTER: You asked me if I was afraid to get married. I'm not afraid. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Hmmm? JOE CARTER: I mean... Will you marry me? I want to marry you, Connie. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Thank you, I'd love to. How? What? You said you'd be gone in a couple of days.
CONNIE MILLIGAN: Then you'll go away and we might never see each other again.
JOE CARTER: Yeah, but...
CONNIE MILLIGAN: Well, don't you see?
JOE CARTER: Yeah, I guess you're right.
CONNIE MILLIGAN: Oh, it's an awful problem.
JOE CARTER: Isn't it?
JOE CARTER: It sure is, dear. I'd be way over there and you'd be over here.
CONNIE MILLIGAN: And I'd be worrying about you and you'll be worrying about me.
JOE CARTER: That's no good at all. I guess not, then.
CONNIE MILLIGAN: I guess you better go to sleep, darling.
JOE CARTER: Goodnight, dear. CONNIE MILLIGAN: Goodnight Mr... Darling!
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