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with Grace Kelly as Linda Nordley, Clark Gable as Victor Marswell and Ava Gardner as Eloise Kelly from 1953 movie
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Quotes ELOISE KELLY: The river looks awfully pretty in the moonlight, doesn't it? Wait a minute. You're turning into the original African hotrod. VICTOR MARSWELL: I can always quit. ELOISE KELLY: You can be nice and sweet when you want toYou can be nice and sweet when you want to, can't you? VICTOR MARSWELL: How do you know? Maybe you spoke too soon. ELOISE KELLY: I'm warning you. I'm searching. I'm looking, really I am. VICTOR MARSWELL: I'll look with you for a little while. LINDA NORDLEY: Are the men of this tribe also polygamists like Muntala? VICTOR MARSWELL: Only those who can afford more than one wife. LINDA NORDLEY: It seems unfair to take them away from their families. VICTOR MARSWELL: You mean the men are taking a chance? LINDA NORDLEY: I'm quite sure that's what I mean. VICTOR MARSWELL: No. The natives have all sorts of devices to prevent their women from being stolensorts of devices to prevent their women from being stolen. In most tribes there's a pre-marriage ordeal that guarantees fidelity. LINDA NORDLEY: Really? What's that, pray? VICTOR MARSWELL: Let's see if I can... DONALD NORDLEY: Linda, look. LINDA NORDLEY: Isn't he beautiful? Perfect specimen. VICTOR MARSWELL: He's clean too. Just had his Saturday night bath. LINDA NORDLEY: Look! ELOISE KELLY: Reminds me of somebody I know. LINDA NORDLEY: You were saying about this device for guaranteed fidelity Why wouldn't it pass in the civilized world? VICTOR MARSWELL: Primarily because you women would probably vote it down. LINDA NORDLEY: But why? VICTOR MARSWELL: Because it's a means whereby a woman is rendered incapable of being unfaithful. LINDA NORDLEY: I think I understand. VICTOR MARSWELL: Sorry to be so blunt about it. LINDA NORDLEY: No. It was my denseness. I should have realized. ELOISE KELLY: Brother, I can take your Cook's tour around the zoo but when we get on this mental stripteaseI can take your Cook's tour around the zoo but when we get on this mental striptease and hide behind Louisa May Alcott I want a powder. LINDA NORDLEY: Do you realize that just from the way I can't stop myself looking at youI can't stop myself looking at you. that everybody knows? VICTOR MARSWELL: Everybody but Donald. LINDA NORDLEY: At times I feel like... VICTOR MARSWELL: I know. I feel it myself. But he has to be told, that's all. LINDA NORDLEY: I don't know how to tell him. ELOISE KELLY: You mean you're gonna make an honest woman out of me? VICTOR MARSWELL: It suits me, Kelly. ELOISE KELLY: It suits you? Listen, you and your quick-change acts aren't hanging blossoms over me because you feel the cold weather coming on. No, thanks. I'll go back where I can be honest without getting kicked around. I'll see you. VICTOR MARSWELL: Hei, Brownie! JOHN BROWN-PRYCE: What? VICTOR MARSWELL: Take good care of her! JOHN BROWN-PRYCE: I can't hear you. VICTOR MARSWELL: I said, take good care of her!
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