Meet Joe Black quotes - What's wrong with taking care of a woman?

Video quote from Meet Joe Black with Claire Forlani as Susan Parrish and Brad Pitt as Joe Black and his quote snapshot picture from 1998 movie directed by Martin Brest
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Joe Black: Morning.
Susan Parrish: Good morning.
Joe Black: I was talkin' kind of loud there. I'm sorry.
Susan Parrish: Oh, not at all. It was fascinating.
Joe Black: Yeah, what was fascinating about it?
Susan Parrish: You and "honey"?
Joe Black: It's my kid sister.
Susan Parrish: Oh.
Joe Black: And she just broke up with her boyfriend and was thinking about dropping out of law school.
Susan Parrish: Oh, I'm sorry.
Joe Black: No, nothing to be sorry about. That's the way it is with men and women, isn't it?
Susan Parrish: What's the way?
Joe Black: Nothing lasts.
Susan Parrish: Oh. Yeah, I agree.
Joe Black: Really? Why? No, I'm interested.
Susan Parrish: I was just trying to be agreeable.
Joe Black: Okay. All right. I was sharpshooting. No, just that "nothing lasts" stuff. That was the problem with Honey's guy. He didn't know what he wanted. So, he's fooling around, and she catches him at it. You know, like one girlfriend isn't enough for him.
Susan Parrish: So, you're a one-girl guy.
Joe Black: Yes, I am. That's right.
Susan Parrish: Right.
Joe Black: Looking for her right now, actually. Who knows? You might be her. No, don't laugh. I just got into town. I got the new job. I'm trying to get into this apartment.

Joe Black: This is my lucky day. I just get in the big, bad city, not only do I find a doctor, but a beautiful woman, as well. Do you mind me saying that?
Susan Parrish: Oh... No, of course. No, it's fine. It's fine. It's just...
Joe Black: Listen, could I buy you a cup of coffee?
Susan Parrish: I have some patients coming in, so I should probably...
Joe Black: Yeah, yeah.
Susan Parrish: Get goin'.
Joe Black: I gotta get to the apartment and get off to work.
Susan Parrish: Yeah.
Joe Black: But I'd still like to have another cup of coffee.

Joe Black: It's kind of a pro bono job.
Susan Parrish: "Pro bono"?
Joe Black: Yeah. Meaning, doing good? That's me.
Susan Parrish: Gonna be doing good all your life?
Joe Black: I know what you're saying. It doesn't pay so well, but, I like it. Eventually it'll depend on the woman I marry, I think. Maybe she'll want lots of kids, a bigger house, better car. College doesn't come cheap. You know? I don't know.
Susan Parrish: Wow. Give up what you want for the woman you marry.
Joe Black: Yeah, you know what? I would.
Susan Parrish: Yeah?
Joe Black: Gladly. 'Cause you make your choices, you know? Say, you and I, if we were married, I would... No, for an example, okay? If you and I were married, I would want to give you what you need. That's all. I'm talking about taking care of each other the best you can. What's wrong with taking care of a woman? She takes care of you.
Susan Parrish: You'll have a hard time finding a woman like that these days.
Joe Black: Shoot, you think so?
Susan Parrish: Yes.
Joe Black: I don't know. Lightning could strike.
Susan Parrish: I've gotta go.
Joe Black: Yeah. Listen, did I say something wrong? No?
Susan Parrish: No. It was...
Joe Black: Sure?
Susan Parrish: It was so right, it scares me. That's all. Just...
Joe Black: You know, I was thinking, I don't want you to be my doctor. I don't want you to examine me and...
Susan Parrish: Why?
Joe Black: Because I like you so much.
Susan Parrish: And I don't want to examine you.
Joe Black: You don't? Why not?
Susan Parrish: Because I like you so much. Oh, boy. Okay. Now I gotta go, so...
Joe Black: Yep, understood.
Susan Parrish: All right. All right.
Joe Black: Fair enough. See ya.
Susan Parrish: Bye. Bye.
Joe Black: Bye-bye.

Susan Parrish: There's something so indescribably sexy about you standing in the middle of a crowd. I could make love to you right here. You're trying to tell me my future, you're looking on the wrong side.
Joe Black: There is something I do want to tell you.
Susan Parrish: But you can't? Just now when you hesitated, I got a chill. Remember that morning in the coffee shop? When you said, "What's wrong with taking care of a woman? She takes care of you."
Joe Black: Did I say that?
Susan Parrish: And I said you'd have a hard time finding a woman like that these days. Well, you found one, Joe.
Joe Black: The coffee shop.
Susan Parrish: That was the place, and you were the guy. And you said that, that you didn't want me to be your doctor because you didn't want me to examine you. Why, I got to examine you, after all. I could come with you. You want me to wait? You'll come back?
Joe Black: May I kiss you?
Susan Parrish: That felt like good-bye. What's going on, Joe? I feel like we're lifting off.
Joe Black: I'm still here.
Susan Parrish: But you're not. You're somewhere else.
Joe Black: Don't you want to ask who?
Susan Parrish: Yes, but...
Joe Black: But?
Susan Parrish: Joe, I'm afraid.
Joe Black: Afraid to find out? Don't be. It doesn't matter what I am. You know who I am.
Susan Parrish: You're... You're... You're Joe.
Joe Black: Yes, I'm Joe. Oh. And I promise you you will always have what you found in the coffee shop.
Susan Parrish: Tell me that you love me. Tell me that you love me now.
Joe Black: I love you now. I'll love you always. Susan. Yes? Thank you for loving me.
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