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from 1992 movie with Ellen Barkin as Joan Spruance and Jack Nicholson as Harry Bliss. Quotes
JOAN SPRUANCE: Assuming lead a solitary life, most men don't seem to join that. HARRY BLISS: You need to hear the truth. I begin observed your hands. I need to use the word "extraordinary". JOAN SPRUANCE: Really? HARRY BLISS: You probably are a singer too. I want to catch you some time. JOAN SPRUANCE: Anytime. Do you like classical music? HARRY BLISS: Yes. So degree that sound on radio, I turn damn thing off. I just mean it get to me sometimes, that I can not swallow my own saliva. JOAN SPRUANCE: You're full of surprises, Harry, you know that? I mean, the fact that you read "The Divine Comedy" by Dante...
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HARRY BLISS: It's been a while, yes. JOAN SPRUANCE: As a wheel spins slowly, without jar my will and desire are turned by love, the love that moves the sun and other stars. I don't know why, but this subliminal message, always touches me, for some reason. You know, it's very sad. I look at my sister and all her marriages and her affers. Not to mention the disaster of my own life and I think how very sad and very gloomy, that men and women can not be friends. What a tragedy that sex is often a barrier in the friendship between men and women. HARRY BLISS: Not necessarily. JOAN SPRUANCE: Do you know that Dante and Beatrice have not slept together? HARRY BLISS: Really? Oh yes, I forgot that part. JOAN SPRUANCE: I should not have drank so much sake because I prefer to take it pretty easy now. HARRY BLISS: We can have it how slowly we want. Why not? JOAN SPRUANCE: So you think that men and women can be friends? HARRY BLISS: Absolutely.
JOAN SPRUANCE: Sorry to mention this, but we have a little problem with Duke. HARRY BLISS: What? JOAN SPRUANCE: All time rises and try to ride our extremities. HARRY BLISS: Well, don't worry about that. JOAN SPRUANCE: Especially on Socorro, who can't speak English, not to mention German. Sometimes he pulls it from room to room like a vacuum cleaner. HARRY BLISS: That's more or less normal for most adult males. Some percent of the time they are going to try to make vulgar gestures in a person. Must to stay unshakeable. JOAN SPRUANCE: Do not excite too much, is it? HARRY BLISS: No, it's very nice. JOAN SPRUANCE: Is Chopin. It's a nocturne. HARRY BLISS: Do you know what excites me? JOAN SPRUANCE: Means "song of the night". HARRY BLISS: You are. JOAN SPRUANCE: Harry, I think I should tell you something. HARRY BLISS: Do not worry about it. JOAN SPRUANCE: No, that's the problem. You see, I... HARRY BLISS: No problem. JOAN SPRUANCE: I want to be honest with you, because I just realized something about myself. I slept with a number of men in my life just because I did not want to not like me. But I have not liked the most. So I don't know why I care if they liked me or not. HARRY BLISS: You know, I'm not one of those guys who wants to look up you like an object. JOAN SPRUANCE: I know, I know. That's not what I said. HARRY BLISS: I look at a woman as a whole. JOAN SPRUANCE: What I mean is that I don't know if right now I'll sleep with you because I don't want to be alone. So I thought we could try to explore other modes. HARRY BLISS: Other modes? JOAN SPRUANCE: There are other ways to be intimate that people do not realize. Which no means that I'm not attracted to you. HARRY BLISS: But don't want to bring you around. JOAN SPRUANCE: Bring me around? HARRY BLISS: Other modes is fine. You don't have to be shy with me. JOAN SPRUANCE: Oh God. It's so hard to have an affairs.

Jack Nicholson as Harry Bliss
Jack Nicholson as Harry Bliss

Man Trouble
Man Trouble picture from 1992 movie

Ellen Barkin as Joan Spruance
Ellen Barkin as Joan Spruance