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with Angela Bassett as Betty Shabazz and Denzel Washington as Malcolm X from 1992 movie directed by Spike Lee

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BETTY SHABAZZ: I was hoping you'd come and speak to my classBETTY SHABAZZ: I was hoping you'd come and speak to my class. MALCOLM: Yes. Yes, I'll speak to your class. But I'm a hard man on the women. BETTY SHABAZZ: Are you? MALCOLM X: We must be very careful when it comes to womenMALCOLM X: We must be very careful when it comes to women. BETTY SHABAZZ: Should I tell my sisters, then that we don't believe in marriage? MALCOLM X: No. No, we don't oppose marriage. MALCOLM X: Mr. Muhammad teaches that if a woman is the right height for a man, right complexion... BETTY SHABAZZ: I think you've made your pointsI think you've made your points, Brother Minister. MALCOLM X: Good. BETTY SHABAZZ: You haven't any time for marriage. MALCOLM X: No. Ha, ha. So, what I'll do is write the chapters down for you. BETTY SHABAZZ: All right. MALCOLM X: As well as the New Testament chapters in St. Matthew. BETTY SHABAZZ: Brother Minister, I hope that doesn't mean you won't come visit my class, though. MALCOLM X: Oh, no. No, I'd love to come to your classI'd love to come to your class. I love to teach. I love sharing. This is the wonderful thing about Mr. Muhammad: When he gives you this knowledge, you can't help but to run out and share it... BETTY SHABAZZ: Excuse me, um, Brother Minister, would it be okay if we just sat down for a moment? It's a pretty big building and... MALCOLM X: Oh, yes. Sister, I'm sorry. I've had you on your feet all day. BETTY SHABAZZ: Oh, no. No, no. MALCOLM X: My mistake. BETTY SHABAZZ: You've been on your feet for days. And you didn't even finish your salad. MALCOLM X: So let's talk about youSo let's talk about you. BETTY SHABAZZ: Mm. MALCOLM X: How tall are you? BETTY SHABAZZ: Why do you ask? MALCOLM X: Idle question. BETTY SHABAZZ: Oh. Well, if it's just an idle question, I hope you won't force me to answer. MALCOLM X: No, I won't force you. BETTY SHABAZZ: Well, Brother Baines says that I'm tall enough for a tall man. MALCOLM X: He's briefed you also? Ha-ha-ha. How old are you, sister? BETTY SHABAZZ: You know, there are a few things about women that you don't understandthere are a few things about women that you don't understand. Some of us, we're quite possessive, very vain... MALCOLM X: Are you? BETTY SHABAZZ: And persistent when we've set our mind to something. MALCOLM X: What have you set your mind to? BETTY SHABAZZ: Being a good Muslim, a good nurse, and a good wife. BETTY SHABAZZ: Hello? MALCOLM X: Hello, Betty? BETTY SHABAZZ: Yes? MALCOLM X: Yeah, this is Malcolm. BETTY SHABAZZ: I know. MALCOLM X: Right, I'm here in Detroit. Will you marry me?Will you marry me? BETTY SHABAZZ: Yes. MALCOLM X: You heard what I said, right? BETTY SHABAZZ: Did you hear my answer? MALCOLM X: Yes, I think so. BETTY SHABAZZ: Brother Malcolm... MALCOLM X: Ha-ha-ha. BETTY SHABAZZ: Are you eating? MALCOLM X: Yeah, I've been eating. BETTY SHABAZZ: Ha, good. MALCOLM X: I love you, Betty. BETTY SHABAZZ: I love you backI love you back. MALCOLM X: It's not gonna be easy. BETTY SHABAZZ: No choice. MALCOLM X: I'll be away a lot. BETTY SHABAZZ: I know. MALCOLM X: In fact, I'm leaving in the morning. BETTY SHABAZZ: Oh, hush, now. Shh. MALCOLM X: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Trenton, Newark, up through number 7 up to Boston. BETTY SHABAZZ: Malcolm. Shh. You're with me even when you're away. I've never told you this but the very first time I ever saw you standing up on the podium you were cleaning your glasses and I felt so sorry for you. MALCOLM X: Sorry for me? BETTY SHABAZZ: Mm-hm. MALCOLM X: Why? BETTY SHABAZZ: Because no one as young as you should be so serious. But I don't think that anymore. MALCOLM X: What do you think? BETTY SHABAZZ: I want to have a lot of babies with you. Dear heart. I love you.

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Rating 5  Richard Bargsten
"It's such a great story, a great American story, and it reflects our society in so many ways. Here's a guy who essentially led so many lives. He pulled himself out of the gutter. He went from country boy to hipster and semi-hoodlum. Then he was a spiritual leader who evolved into a humanitarian." (Marvin Worth)

Rating 5  Anthony Speed
"I'm directing this movie and I rewrote the script, and I'm an artist and there's just no two ways around it: this film is going to be my vision of Malcolm X. But it's not like I'm sitting atop a mountain saying, 'Screw everyone, this is the Malcolm I see.' I've done the research, I've talked to the people who were there." (Spike Lee)

Rating 5  Julie Payne
The film was made shortly after Mandela's 1990 release from prison and during the negotiations to end apartheid in South Africa. Lee explained that he made "the connection between Soweto and Harlem, Nelson and Malcolm, and what Malcolm talked about: pan-Africanism, trying to build these bridges between people of color."

Rating 5  Sylvia Jamison
The film is based upon "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" as told to Alex Haley, and public records. Dialogue and certain events and characters contained in the film were created for the purposes of dramatization. At certain schools the film is used to portray his life and how his protests compare to Martin Luther Kings protests.