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from 1993 movie with Robert De Niro as Wayne Dobie and Uma Thurman as Glory Quotes WAYNE 'MAD DOG' DOBIE: If you don't wanna do anything, that's okay with me. I'll go with that. GLORY: Okay,
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I don't wanna do anything. WAYNE 'MAD DOG' DOBIE: Good. That's okay. GLORY: You're a sweet man you know that? WAYNE 'MAD DOG' DOBIE: Hey, no kiddin'. If you don't wanna do it... it's, it's okay. Uma Thurman as Glory: Open your lipsUma Thurman as Glory: Open your lips. Robert De Niro as Wayne Dobie: I know how to kissRobert De Niro as Wayne Dobie: I know how to kiss. WAYNE 'MAD DOG' DOBIE: You know, I oughta... I should do some sit-ups. GLORY: Right now? WAYNE 'MAD DOG' DOBIE: No, I mean, you know, in general. GLORY: Are you my hero? Are you my man? You're a sweet man. WAYNE 'MAD DOG' DOBIE: Watch out for next time. GLORY: Fair enough. WAYNE 'MAD DOG' DOBIE: I haven't made love in two years. GLORY: Made love. I like that. You talk like someone out of the Round Table days. Sir Lancelot. Galahad.
GLORY: Acting. Like everybody and his cousin. I gave walking tours to make the rent some but then I got into tending bar because it paid better. Open up my days for more classes, auditions. You ask a bartender or a waiter around here "What do you do?" They say, "I'm an actor, I'm a singer, I'm a student, I'm a writer." After a couple years, you have to be honest with yourself. I'm a bartender. A waiter. Waitress. Life is what happens to you while you're waiting for your ship to come in.