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from 2006 movie with Kate Winslet as Sarah Pierce
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and Patrick Wilson as Brad Adamson

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NARRATOR: Lucy didn't interact much with the other children. Sarah didn't really know why they even bothered coming here, except that she'd probably go crazy trapped in the house all day with this unknowable little person. BRAD ADAMSON: I'm Brad, by the way. SARAH PIERCE: Sarah. BRAD ADAMSON: You guys come here a lot? SARAH PIERCE: No, just the last few weeks. NARRATOR: Sarah was shocked by how Brad delivered this confession, with no apparent sense of being in the least bit embarrassed by his failure. Most men weren't like this. Her husband Richard certainly wasn't. She wondered if Brad was always this forthcoming. If anything, he seemed a little lonely, all too ready to open his heart at the slightest sign of interest, like a lot of young mothers she knew. SARAH PIERCE: I couldn't help noticing your stroller. Do you have another child? BRAD ADAMSON: No, just Aaron. Got that at a yard sale. BRAD ADAMSON: It was nice talking to you. SARAH PIERCE: Same here. Wait! Come here. Just... come here. You see those women over there? Just, yeah, don't don't look. You know what they call you? BRAD ADAMSON: What? SARAH PIERCE: The prom king. BRAD ADAMSON: Oh God, really? SARAH PIERCE: Yeah, they mean it as a compliment. You're a big character in their fantasy lives. BRAD ADAMSON: Wow. SARAH PIERCE: So one of them bet me $5 I couldn't get your phone number. BRAD ADAMSON: Five bucks? SARAH PIERCE: Yeah. BRAD ADAMSON: Could we split it 50-50? SARAH PIERCE: It could be arranged. It doesn't have to be your real number. BRAD ADAMSON: Oh, well, you know, in that case, sure. You got a pen? SARAH PIERCE: Great. Oh shit, no I... No I don't. BRAD ADAMSON: Well... SARAH PIERCE: No wait, just wait. You know what'd really be funny? If you gave me a hug. BRAD ADAMSON: You think? SARAH PIERCE: Yeah. BRAD ADAMSON: All right, come here. SARAH PIERCE: Do you want to really freak them out? BRAD ADAMSON: Yeah. NARRATOR: As he had so often in recent days, Brad mentally reenacted the kiss by the swing set. He still couldn't believe it had really happened. And with all those women and children watching.
    Patrick Wilson as Brad Adamson
Patrick Wilson as Brad Adamson

Little Children
Little Children picture from 2006 movie

Kate Winslet as Sarah Pierce
Kate Winslet as Sarah Pierce
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