The Leopard (Il Gattopardo) video quotes breaches of the rules

with Claudia Cardinale as Angelica Sedara and Alain Delon as Tancredi Falconeri from 1963 movie
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ANGELICA SEDARA: How big the place is; how many rooms are there? TANCREDI FALCONERI: No one knows, not even my uncle. He says a palace where you know all the rooms isn't worth living ina palace where you know all the rooms isn't worth living in. ANGELICA SEDARA: Excuse me, but I was told... TANCREDI FALCONERI: A gift for you from your Tancredi. You can thank my uncle, too. ANGELICA SEDARA: Poor Count, it's useless; Concetta does not want to know him. TANCREDI FALCONERI: She's foolish. After all, what does she want? Cavriaghi is handsome, has a good name, owns land in Brianza. He's what's known as a good catch. ANGELICA SEDARA: Concetta is still in love with you. That's why you brought him here. TANCREDI FALCONERI: No. ANGELICA SEDARA: Yes, that's what I think. TANCREDI FALCONERI: No, I'll tell you. ANGELICA SEDARA: Then listen carefully. Concetta's right. Marrying someone like him after loving youMarrying someone like him after loving you would be like water after... TANCREDI FALCONERI: After what? ANGELICA SEDARA: Let's say Marsala wine. ANGELICA SEDARA: Strange rooms. How could anyone have lived in such apartmentsHow could anyone have lived in such apartments? TANCREDI FALCONERI: No one has ever lived here, my love. My ancestors came here to commit their little breaches of the rulesto commit their little breaches of the rules and obtain special memories so different from ordinary mortals. ANGELICA SEDARA: Breaches of the rules? TANCREDI FALCONERI: They were bored, my love. TANCREDI FALCONERI: Do you think I won't love you any more? You're afraid. I desire you, but I won't possess you until you are my wife. TANCREDI FALCONERI: You're late. I was waiting for you. You are very beautiful. Come and greet the Princess. Permit me to present my fiancee, Angelica Sedara.

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