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from 1942 movie directed by Sam Wood from best-selling novel of the same name by Henry Bellamann, with Ann Sheridan as Randy Monaghan and Ronald Reagan as Drake McHugh
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Quotes RANDY MONAGHAN: Have you ever seen a prettier day? DRAKE MCHUGH: Whoa, there, Tom Thumb. What's the hurry? RANDY MONAGHAN: Why do you call him Tom Thumb, Drake? DRAKE MCHUGH: Because he's so big. RANDY MONAGHAN: That makes sense. DRAKE MCHUGH: My kind of sense. RANDY MONAGHAN: That's what I mean. DRAKE MCHUGH: I got him trained. RANDY MONAGHAN: I see. Ronald Reagan as DRAKE MCHUGH: He knows just what I want him to do.Ronald Reagan as DRAKE MCHUGH: He knows just what I want him to do. RANDY MONAGHAN: I guess he's had plenty of training, too. DRAKE MCHUGH: You mean, going on by himself? Sure. RANDY MONAGHAN: Why? DRAKE MCHUGH: For this. RANDY MONAGHAN: I'm as bright as the horse, but not so well trained. DRAKE MCHUGH: Oh, gee, Randy. I'm so lonely and blue. Be nice to me, will you? RANDY MONAGHAN: Maybe you got me confused with one of the Ross girls. DRAKE MCHUGH: Well, what's the harm in a little kiss? RANDY MONAGHAN: A kiss? Suppose we find out? DRAKE MCHUGH: This is it, honey. RANDY MONAGHAN: Did you bring me way up here in the wind just to look at scenery? DRAKE MCHUGH: But I'm going to buy all thisBut I'm going to buy all this with Peyton Graves when I come into my money. RANDY MONAGHAN: What for? DRAKE MCHUGH: Just something I dreamed up. A subdivision. Can you imagine what it would be like to have houses up here? RANDY MONAGHAN: Yes. It'd be windy. DRAKE MCHUGH: Oh, shut up. It isn't windy all the time. RANDY MONAGHAN: But, Drake, only rich people could build houses like you're talking about. DRAKE MCHUGH: Well, we'd sell them to rich people. Ann Sheridan as RANDY MONAGHAN: How many are there in Kings Row?Ann Sheridan as RANDY MONAGHAN: How many are there in Kings Row? DRAKE MCHUGH: What do you want to throw cold water for? RANDY MONAGHAN: Would you like me to show you what I think would be a good idea? DRAKE MCHUGH: Where to? RANDY MONAGHAN: The lowlands, down by the creek. The other side of the railroad track. My side. DRAKE MCHUGH: You mean here? RANDY MONAGHAN: Isn't it delicious? DRAKE MCHUGH: It stirs you up, doesn't it? I mean... RANDY MONAGHAN: Yes, honey. I know what you mean. DRAKE MCHUGH: Well, doesn't it? RANDY MONAGHAN: Yes, I guess it does. But, Drake... DRAKE MCHUGH: Now you're fixing to yell at me about something. RANDY MONAGHAN: No, I was just kind of wondering. Most everything stirs you up, doesn't it? This, the smell of wild plum blossoms, the sunlight or the moonlight or morning or noon or night. Just anything. DRAKE MCHUGH: But mostly you. RANDY MONAGHAN: So you say. DRAKE MCHUGH: Honest. RANDY MONAGHAN: Let's get out and walk. It looks so pretty. DRAKE MCHUGH: You bet. RANDY MONAGHAN: Drake McHugh, you make me awfully mad sometimes. DRAKE MCHUGH: Oh, now, one of the nicest things about you, honey, is that you don't pretend anything. RANDY MONAGHAN: Well, I don't pretend. DRAKE MCHUGH: Well then, what are we talking about? RANDY MONAGHAN: Well, for instance, right now. I suggested we walk down here. DRAKE MCHUGH: All right, what's wrong with that? RANDY MONAGHAN: Right away you thought... DRAKE MCHUGH: What? RANDY MONAGHAN: Well, all the time I only wanted to tell you my idea. DRAKE MCHUGH: Go ahead and tell me. I'm listening. RANDY MONAGHAN: I will. And it's not a bad one either. If you want to buy real estate, why don't you buy this?If you want to buy real estate, why don't you buy this? DRAKE MCHUGH: This junk? RANDY MONAGHAN: Well, it could be cleared and drained. After all, there are a lots of people who work in the clay pits, in the mills and the coal mines who'd like to own homes, too. DRAKE MCHUGH: A lot of nickels and dimes... RANDY MONAGHAN: Make dollars. DRAKE MCHUGH: I don't see how any one so pretty could be so practical. RANDY MONAGHAN: Remember once you came down to Elroy's icehouse and you and Parris and I played on the rings? I was an awful little toughy then, wasn't I? Oh, yes. I was. But you teased me, you tried to get fresh. DRAKE MCHUGH: I was an awful kid, I guess. RANDY MONAGHAN: Yes, you were. But I think I got mad mostly that day because Parris was there. I liked him a whole lot better than I did you, then. DRAKE MCHUGH: You're sure of that now? RANDY MONAGHAN: What do you think? When a girls acts the way I do about you, she means it. It's because I want to. Because I like you better than anybody in the world. DRAKE MCHUGH: Serious as all that? RANDY MONAGHAN: Nothing is serious to us in the whole world, is it? DRAKE MCHUGH: Hey! RANDY MONAGHAN: Oh, Drake, my new hat!

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