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with Sharon Stone as Sally Eastman and Richard Gere as Vincent Eastman from 1994 movie Quotes SALLY EASTMAN: How long have you known her? VINCENT EASTMAN: About two months. We met in August. SALLY: Do I know her?. VINCENT: Her name is Olivia Marshak. SALLY: Marshak? VINCENT: She's a journalist. You must have known something was going on? SALLY: I thought you were working late. Are you in love with her?I thought you were working late. Are you in love with her? I'm sorry, isn't that the traditional question? I say, "Are you in love with her?", and you say, "I'm confused. I need time". And then I respond... VINCENT: Look! I didn't plan this. SALLY: I believe that. VINCENT: What? SALLY: I plan, you create. Isn't that what this whole relationship is based on? VINCENT: I'm going to a hotelI'm going to a hotel. SALLY: Really? Now when we're finally getting to know each otherwhen we're finally getting to know each other. Are you all right? VINCENT: What do you mean, am I all right? SALLY: You're acting a little crazy. VINCENT: What the hell is wrong with you? I just said that I love another woman! I don't care! I'm leaving you. Do you understand? SALLY: I heard you. VINCENT: You're amazing. SALLY: And how is that? VINCENT: Do you ever consider, just maybe, if you felt more upset, it wouldn't have happened? SALLY: Don't you get angry at me because you fuck another woman. It lacks conviction. I'm taking a bath. You will call me tomorrow and we'll talk this over, OK? VINCENT: Sally. Hey, Sally! Don't move. There's glass on the floor. I'll help you out. SALLY: Don't touch me. VINCENT: Sally, don't move. SALLY: Leave me alone. Don't you touch me! VINCENT: I don't want you to get hurt. Come. SALLY: I hate you! VINCENT: Stop it. Stop it! It's all right, it's all right. It's OK.
SALLY: What? VINCENT: You know what Neal asked, out of the blue? He asked me what happened to us. I couldn't rememberwhat happened to us. I couldn't remember. SALLY: You fell in love with another woman. VINCENT: Before that. Look, we don't have to do this Easter thing, you and me. SALLY: That's all right. There's still that shutter that rattles in the wind. VINCENT: The guest room. I didn't fix that. SALLY: You'd better. It'll be your room. Is it your sinuses? VINCENT: Yeah. SALLY: You look terribIe. VINCENT: Thanks. SALLY: You probably have a fever. VINCENT: Sally, I'm all right. SALLY: You need a siesta. You still have that hotel room? Where was that? VINCENT: It was...Denman Street. SALLY: Is it nice? VINCENT: It's a hotel room. SALLY: Hotel rooms can be nice. No past. No future. Just impersonal. What's a girl have to do to get a little action around here? Oh! Where did that come from? That is not like me, is it?

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