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from 1956 movie with Rock Hudson as Jordan 'Bick' Benedict and Elizabeth Taylor as Leslie Benedict. Quotes
Jordan Benedict: I know your horse is going to miss you and all this nice, green country, but I'll try to make him happy in Texas.
Leslie: Isn't Texas green, Mr. Benedict?
Jordan Benedict: No, ma'am, not altogether.
Leslie: How big is that?
Jordan Benedict: Around a half million. 595,000 acres, to be exact.
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Jordan Benedict: I like your country.
Leslie: Why don't you stay a while and really see something of it?
Jordan Benedict: It's roundup time in my country. Big spring roundup.
Leslie: Your country?
Jordan Benedict: Reata.
Leslie: Your country, my country. You make us sound so far apart.
Jordan Benedict: Maybe you could come out and see it if you get a chance. I'll be off real early in the morning, so goodbye.
Leslie: I'm awfully glad you came. I'm not going to say goodbye to you in the moonlight. It would just be too touching. Good night!

Leslie: What's that, a wolf?
Jordan Benedict: No, honey. It's just a little old coyote.
Leslie: Don't you think you've done enough sightseeing? Tell me when we're in Texas.
Jordan Benedict: That's Texas you've been looking at. For the last eight hours.
Leslie: I don't know how other brides feel on their honeymoon but I'm having a lovely time.
Jordan Benedict: We can't say it's been dull. That is, so far anyway.
Jordan Benedict: Wake up, honey. We're here, honey.
Leslie: Where? Hello.
Jordan Benedict: Good morning.
Leslie: Is that Texas?
Jordan Benedict: It's Benedict. That's where we ship from.

Jordan Benedict: This is it, honey. This is your home.

Jordan Benedict: How are you doing? Tired, honey?
Leslie: Don't you worry about me. I'm a tough Texan now.
Jordan Benedict: You know, I love you, Tex.

Leslie: What a glorious, gorgeous, brand-new day! Let's spend every hour of it, just you and I.
Jordan Benedict: Honey, I'm beat.
Leslie: Why? You have all the good things in the world. And a woman who loves you very, very much.
Jordan Benedict: But that arguing takes a lot out of me.
Leslie: That was just frightful. The best part about quarreling is making up.
Jordan Benedict: When we make up, we make up. Don't we, honey?
Leslie: Why can't we take a trip, really see Texas? Just let somebody else run Reata. Couldn't we?
Jordan Benedict: Honey, I want you to understand this. I run Reata at all times. That's the way it is.
    Rock Hudson as Jordan 'Bick' Benedict
Rock Hudson as Jordan 'Bick' Benedict

Giant picture from 1956 movie

Elizabeth Taylor as Leslie Benedict
Elizabeth Taylor as Leslie Benedict