The Fall of the Roman Empire love video quotes

from 1964 movie directed by Anthony Mann with Sophia Loren as Lucilla and Stephen Boyd as Livius.
Two of the greatest problems in history are how to account for the rise of Rome and how to account for her fall. We may come nearer to understanding the truth, if we remember that the fall of Rome, like her rise, had not one cause, but many. And it was not an event, but a process spread over 300 years. Some nations have not lasted as long as Rome fell. In the year 180 A.D., the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, was leading his Roman legions against the Germanic tribes along the Danube frontier.
This was the beginning of the fall of the Roman empire. A great civilization is not conquered from without, until it has destroyed itself from within.
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Lucilla: As the dove fears the eagle, as the lamb fears the wolf, so is my heart heavy with fear. Oh, mother Vesta, eternal mother of Rome. Help me. Bring back the health of my father. Protect us from the danger which hangs over the empire. Let there be peace over all Rome.
Livius: Lucilla... You are beautiful. You are beautiful...
Lucilla: What does that mean?
Livius: It has been so long. I had forgotten.
Lucilla: Why didn't you ever try to see me when you were in Rome?
Livius: It seemed you did not really want to see anyone.
Lucilla: I thought by living alone away from the world, I could find peace. Then I found there is no real peace in being alone. There is only loneliness.
Livius: I too have been lonely, Lucilla.
Lucilla: I'm here now, Livius. And if my father's health improves, and if your duties as a soldier do not prevent it, we may see each other, if you want to.
Livius: I want to.

Lucilla: Have you finished with Commodus and wine?
Livius: My world has suddenly become strange. I'm not sure where I am. I'm sure of only one thing. I love you, Lucilla.
Lucilla: If you are so sure, why did it take you so long?
Livius: I think I must have known all these years. I must have been certain that one day this would happen. Known, yet not known.
Lucilla: Known and not known? How can that be?
Livius: I'm not sure how it was. But I know now. You were always with me. Everywhere. I took you into battle with me. You were with me in the gold fields. But you know this.
Lucilla: Only this. I know this. You were with me, too. Always! There were times when I wanted to run away from life, I did not because I told myself that one day you will be with me.
Livius: I want to be with you for the rest of my life. For I love you.
Lucilla: Do you, Livius?
Lucilla: Bring him back to me safely. Bring him back to me quickly. Make him love me forever.

Lucilla: Oh, what will I do? I'm not as strong as I thought I was. I have not learned to live without you.
Livius: There is no life for either of us apart, Lucilla. I told you this before but you would not listen.
Lucilla: I thought you had betrayed my father. But now I know. You've found your own way of making the world he wanted.
Livius: And yet if I try to make that world, Commodus will keep us apart.
Lucilla: Make that world, Livius, and then let's see, what will keep us apart.
    Sophia Loren as Lucilla
Sophia Loren as Lucilla

Picture from The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)
Picture from The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)

Stephen Boyd as Livius
Stephen Boyd as Livius