El Cid video

from 1961 movie with Charlton Heston as El Cid Rodrigo de Bivar and Sophia Loren as Jimena. Quotes
They say all women in love are tormented that way. Because they don't dare believe that such happiness can really be theirs. EL CID: Our dream was short. JIMENA: I know. There is no place hidden for a man like you. There must be thousands who would gladly part. Why you? Why me? EL CID: Please, let me carry away an image of you smiling. JIMENA: It would be a lie. I will beseech God with my prayers. I will tell Him He must bring you back to me. I must tell God how much I need you. EL CID: Then we will see each other again.
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Charlton Heston as El Cid Rodrigo de Bivar
Charlton Heston as El Cid Rodrigo de Bivar
  Sophia Loren as Jimena
Sophia Loren as Jimena
  El Cid
El Cid picture from 1961 movie
  JIMENA: Can you forgive me, Rodrigo? EL CID: Jimena. JIMENA: Would you take me with you? EL CID: But now I have nowhere to take you. JIMENA: As long as we are together it will not be nowhere. I love you Rodrigo. I love you. EL CID: You know what you risk if you come with me, my love? JIMENA: Since my love is not a man like other men my life with not be like other lives. EL CID: It's only now that I know how hard the road would have been without you.
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