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from 1991 movie with James Belushi as Bill Dancer and Kelly Lynch as Grey Ellison. Quotes
I bet your name is Curly Sue because of your curly hear.
Bill Dancer: Hi.
Grey Ellison: What's going on?
Bill Dancer: I'm in recovery...
Grey Ellison: Enough! What are you doing with that little girl?
Bill Dancer: What do you mean?
Grey Ellison: Was she in school?
Bill Dancer: Shortly, from time to time.
Grey Ellison: She's completely ignorant.
Bill Dancer: She's not ignorant.
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Grey Ellison: She's illiterate.
Bill Dancer: She's not ignorant.
Grey Ellison: You're using her?
Bill Dancer: No, ma'am.
Grey Ellison: Liar! You use it to cheat. It's pathetic.
Bill Dancer: I think it's time to go.
Grey Ellison: Go ahead. You not taking her.
Bill Dancer: You'll stop me?
Grey Ellison: The police will.
Bill Dancer: You'll call the police?
Grey Ellison: You'll not taking out of here. You're leaving and she staying.
Bill Dancer: You know nothing about this.
Grey Ellison: I know a neglected here.
Bill Dancer: She's not neglected.
Grey Ellison: She is abused. I'm very serious, Mr. Dancer.
Bill Dancer: Kiss my ass, lady. I raised that kid from a baby. I have overcome worse things than a rich lawyer dedicated to social reform of the marginalized. Take a step in side do not send you in the closet.
Grey Ellison: You don't scare me.
Bill Dancer: I've got nothing to lose except for that kid. Try to keep that kid away from me and I'll naked damn hall.
Grey Ellison: If you love her give her a chance.
Bill Dancer: Ok. How? State of Illinois knows what's best for her? Sure, they'll teach her how to read, they'll teach do not be a freak.
Grey Ellison: Bill, you can't feed her. You can't cloth her. How do you know she'll not freeze will not beaten up or kidnapped? If happens something to you and she remains nowhere?
Bill Dancer: I'll survive. I do it for her whole life.
Grey Ellison: Where is her mother?
Bill Dancer: She's buried in Florida. Want to know the rest of the story? I'm not her father. Her mother I met one night in a bar. I get a baby. She knows all about it. We got no secrets. If it were another life for her I'd cut my throat to give her.
Grey Ellison: I'm not here to ruin your life. Our paths have crossed and you have got here.
Bill Dancer: You're right. You got a scam. I get knock in a had, and the rest is lying. I have a lot tricks in a lot of time. Profit until it's all over. And this is all over. No tears.
Grey Ellison: I must be crazy. Stay as you like.
    James Belushi as Bill Dancer
James Belushi as Bill Dancer

Curly Sue
Curly Sue picture from 1991 movie

Kelly Lynch as Grey Ellison
Kelly Lynch as Grey Ellison