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2005 movie QUOTES WITH PICTURES FRANCESCA: No. Casanova the libertine who devotes his life to seducing women. CASANOVA: Well, we're obviously talking about the same person. FRANCESCA: There must be something deeply wrong with a man like that, don't you think? Something missing in his life. True love, perhaps. Heath Ledger as CASANOVA: All love is true in different waysCASANOVA: All love is true in different ways. FRANCESCA: To say "I love falsely" is as self-contradictory as saying "I believe falsely". CASANOVA: You are a philosopher, too. I've spent countless hours alone with Casanova, pondering the ways of love and how it makes us at one with the angels. FRANCESCA: And with the beasts. I will not debate with you if you take the side of a man whose idea of love demands a female sacrifice every day. CASANOVA: I've no sympathy for women who think no better of themselves than to be a plaything. Sienna Miller as FRANCESCA: You tell your friend from me that what he imagines to be love isFRANCESCA: You tell your friend from me that what he imagines to be love is, in fact, self-love. And self-love is self-doubt. FRANCESCA: Thank you, Signor Papprizzio. I'm beginning to believe that your heart is true. There is more of the lover than the merchant in you. Why didn't you tell me you were my betrothed? CASANOVA: You didn't trust me? Well, why didn't you tell me you were Bernardo Guardi? It's all right. I won't tell anyone. I should've guessed the first time I saw you in that citadel of male complacency when you were as brave in debate as you were later in duel. You were Bernardo Guardi in beauty's mask. I'm in love with you, Francesca. FRANCESCA: You were at the debate? CASANOVA: Yes. Yes, I was. FRANCESCA: At the university. CASANOVA: Francesca... FRANCESCA: Just as you had honest reason for not telling me who you were, CASANOVA: I, too, have honest reason... FRANCESCA: What? CASANOVA: I can explain this. FRANCESCA: Are you Papprizzio? Tell me you're Papprizzio, my betrothed. Who are you? CASANOVA: I'm Casanova. FRANCESCA: What? CASANOVA: I'm... I'm Giacomo Casanova. FRANCESCA: You stand for everything I write against. CASANOVA: Wasn't that before you knew me? FRANCESCA: I don't know you. Which one of you? I think I liked you better in your masks. At least Salvato was a gentleman. Papprizzio was promising. But Casanova, I despise. You dare to say you love me. I would save myself for the kind of love which a man would give his life for.
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