The Bride Came C.O.D. video quotes - at a time like this

from 1941 movie with Bette Davis as Joan Winfield (a runaway heiress) and James Cagney as Steve Collins (a pilot), the first screen pairing of Warner Bros.' two biggest stars
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Quotes JOAN WINFIELD: Tell me, is your whole life passing in front of your eyes?your whole life passing in front of your eyes? STEVE COLLINS: Me? No, why? JOAN WINFIELD: Don't you know that's what it's supposed to do at a time like this? STEVE COLLINS: Oh, no. You're all mixed up. That's only when you're drowning. JOAN WINFIELD: I'm not being technical. My whole life is passing in front of my eyes right now, and it's not a pretty picture. Such a wasted life. After all, who is there to mourn for me aside from my father and a few headwaiters? Gosh. STEVE COLLINS: How about that Brice fellow? JOAN WINFIELD: I don't know about him. I've only known him for four daysI've only known him for four days. STEVE COLLINS: Four days? And you're gonna marry him? JOAN WINFIELD: You see, that's what my life has been like. Silly, useless, impulsive. I've got nothing to show for my 23 years. Nothing. After all, your life's been different. STEVE COLLINS: What's different with me? I haven't got anything, nothing but a plane that doesn't belong to me. JOAN WINFIELD: You've got your wife and two children. Don't they count? STEVE COLLINS: Oh, yes, yes. Of course. Hi, old-timer. Hiya, sweetheart. JOAN WINFIELD: Have you a picture of your wife? STEVE COLLINS: Mabel? No, she takes a terrible picture. JOAN WINFIELD: Mabel? I thought her name was Clara. STEVE COLLINS: Do you mean my first or my second wife? You mean Mabel. That's my first wife, the mother of my children. JOAN WINFIELD: You've got two wives? Have you any children by your second wife? STEVE COLLINS: Yeah, two. I don't show any favoritism. JOAN WINFIELD: You know, you don't look like a man that's had two wives and four children. STEVE COLLINS: I hardly believe it myself. Pardon me. The hangover from that dream. JOAN WINFIELD: Gosh, I'm hungry. STEVE COLLINS: Yeah, so am I. What's that for? JOAN WINFIELD: Well, at a time like this when we're... We're both on the threshold of... Well, I don't think we should harbor any grudges or have any ill feelings. I want you to know that I forgive you for everything. STEVE COLLINS: Thanks. And I'm very sorry I brought you to this. JOAN WINFIELD: And at a time like this, I don't think we should withhold the truthAnd at a time like this, I don't think we should withhold the truth, do you? STEVE COLLINS: No. JOAN WINFIELD: I'm sorry we got our schedules mixedI'm sorry we got our schedules mixed. I wish I'd met you before Clara and Mabel. STEVE COLLINS: And I'm sorry I didn't meet you before Allen Brice. Say, hon, would you mind if I moved a little closer? I'm beginning to get awful cold. JOAN WINFIELD: I was just going to ask you if I could. STEVE COLLINS: I suppose you want that back. JOAN WINFIELD: No. STEVE COLLINS: Joan. JOAN WINFIELD: Hi, old-timer. Hiya, sweetheart. STEVE COLLINS: Joan, suppose I was to tell you that I'm not... Not... JOAN WINFIELD: What, Steve? STEVE COLLINS: Joan, I'm not married. I have no wives and I have no children. JOAN WINFIELD: But... STEVE COLLINS: I was just using that as a line to keep from getting roped in. But now I'm glad I did it, because I'm free and footloose and ready to be roped in. JOAN WINFIELD: You're a vile and cheap and deceitful liar.
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