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from 1995 movie with Mel Gibson as William Wallace and Mhairi Calvey as Murron;
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Quotes WILLIAM WALLACE: How did you know me after so long? MURRON: I didn't. I saw you staring at me and I didn't know who you were. WILLIAM WALLACE: I'm sorry. I suppose I was. Are you in the habit of riding off in the rain with strangers? MURRON: It was the best way to make you leave. WILLIAM WALLACE: If I ever find the courage to ask ye again, I'll warn you in writing first. MURRON: It wouldn't help. I can't read. WILLIAM WALLACE: Can ye not? MURRON: No. WILLIAM WALLACE: Well, that's something we shall have to remedy. MURRON: You're going to teach me to read, then? WILLIAM WALLACE: Aye, if you'd like. MURRON: Aye! WILLIAM WALLACE: In what language? MURRON: Ah, you're showing off now. Mel Gibson as William WallaceMel Gibson as William Wallace quote: That's right. Are you impressed yet?
MURRON: No. Why? Should I be?
WILLIAM WALLACE: Yes. Because every single day I've thought about you.
MURRON: Do that standing on your head and I'll be impressed.
WILLIAM WALLACE: Well, my kilt will fly up, but I'll try. Mhairi Calvey as Murron quote: You learnt no manners on your travelsMhairi Calvey as Murron: You learnt no manners on your travels!
WILLIAM WALLACE: The French and the Romans are worse than I.

WILLIAM WALLACE: Of course, running a farm is a lot of work. But that will all change when my sons arrive. MURRON: So, you've got children. WILLIAM WALLACE: Well, not yet. But I was hoping that you could help me with that. MURRON: So you want me to marry you, then? WILLIAM WALLACE: Well, it's a bit sudden, but all right. MURRON: Is that what you call a proposal? WILLIAM WALLACE: I love you. Always have. I want to marry you. Is that a yes? MURRON: Aye, that's a yes.
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