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with Ava Gardner as Victoria Jones and Stewart Granger as Rodney Savage, from 1956 movie Quotes RODNEY SAVAGE: Look. VICTORIA JONES [reading]: To the memory of Joanna, beloved wifeTo the memory of Joanna, beloved wife of captain Rodney Savage, 13th rifle wing of native infantry. Died on the 10th of May, 1857. VICTORIA JONES: Rodney, I didn't know. RODNEY SAVAGE: My great-grandmother. Killed in the mutiny. So you see, in a way, I'm as much a part of India as you are. Up till now, anyway. VICTORIA JONES: What do you mean? RODNEY SAVAGE: I have to report to Camberley when this shindig's over. It's like going back to school again, except with any luck I should come out the other side a full-blown general. VICTORIA JONES: Camberley. In England? RODNEY SAVAGE: Yes. You had any particular hankering to see England? VICTORIA JONES: Yes, once. RODNEY SAVAGE: Oh, who's the young lady in the oversized chapeau? VICTORIA JONES: That's Dunphy's little girl and that's her father's train. When I was her age, I used to wait just there for pater to come byWhen I was her age, I used to wait just there for pater to come by and I'd pretend that I was on that train on my way to Calcutta. And then on a great ocean liner to England. As I drew near, the entire population of the British Isles would line up on the white cliffs of Dover to welcome me back home and the King and Queen would come on board in person to escort me ashore. RODNEY SAVAGE: That's more than they do for me. VICTORIA JONES: And then one grows up. What I'm trying to tell you is that... It would be very easy for me to try to escape again into your world this time. And only children can escape from realityonly children can escape from reality. I'm trying to learn to face up to it. RODNEY SAVAGE: To reality? Do you want to know something? The only people are the ones who are too dumb to duck when they see it coming. VICTORIA JONES: I mean, let's enjoy ourselves and be happy for a whilelet's enjoy ourselves and be happy for a while. RODNEY SAVAGE: If that's the way you want it.

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