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from 1957 movie directed by Lewis Gilbert based on J. M. Barrie's stage comedy of the same name, with Sally Ann Howes as Lady Mary and Kenneth More as Bill Crichton
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Quotes LADY MARY: Do you find it amusing, Crichton? BILL CRICHTON: No, My Lady. LADY MARY: Then why did you say so? BILL CRICHTON: Mr Woolley is the second son of a peer. A cooling drink, My Lady. Sally Ann Howes as LADY MARY quote: Crichton, what sort of a man are you?Sally Ann Howes as LADY MARY quote: Crichton, what sort of a man are you? BILL CRICHTON: Uh, sort of a man? LADY MARY: Are you ambitious? BILL CRICHTON: Ambitious for what? LADY MARY: To better yourself. BILL CRICHTON: My Lady! I am the son of a butler and a maid. The happiest of all combinations. To me the most beautiful thing is the haughty, aristocratic English home with everyone kept in his place. LADY MARY: That's not how my father would have it. BILL CRICHTON: Indeed, he would not. He would have equality for all, but what good would that do. Any satisfaction I might derive from being your equalAny satisfaction I might derive from being your equal would be ruined by the footman being equal to me. LADY MARY: Yes, I see. Wouldn't work, would it? BILL CRICHTON: In no circumstances, My Lady. In no circumstances whatever. LADY MARY: No. Well, thank you, Crichton. BILL CRICHTON: Thank you, My Lady.
LADY MARY: And what about us, Crichton? Are my sisters and I included in your curious rules? BILL CRICHTON: Not my rules, My Lady. Fate makes its own rules.Fate makes its own rules. LADY MARY: The perfect servant now considers that we are all equal? BILL CRICHTON: Most certainly not, My Lady. I always maintain that in all the circumstances there must be one to command and others to obey.
LADY MARY: Is something the matter? BILL CRICHTON: Mary, I don't want to leave this island anymore than you do. LADY MARY: I know you don't. Kenneth More as BILL CRICHTON quote: I am so happy here.Kenneth More as BILL CRICHTON quote: I am so happy here. I have never been happier in my life. How long will it last? LADY MARY: Why shouldn't it last? BILL CRICHTON: We are eight human beings. And very ordinary human beings. LADY MARY: You are not ordinary, Guv. BILL CRICHTON: Oh, yes, I am. You call me the Governor and leave me with all the decisions. LADY MARY: Because you're best qualified to make them. BILL CRICHTON: But when it comes to something really big, I am beaten because I'm afraid. LADY MARY: You afraid? What of? BILL CRICHTON: That I'll lose you. Well, what do you say about that? LADY MARY: If that's all you are afraid of, Guv, darling, let's stay. Oh, Guv. What about Tweeny? BILL CRICHTON: That was a long time ago. LADY MARY: I don't want her to be hurt. BILL CRICHTON: Don't you worry about Tweeny. I will look after her. Come on, let's get some more oysters. LADY MARY: I just thought, I don't even know your name. BILL CRICHTON: It's Bill. LADY MARY: Bill.
BILL CRICHTON: I thought you had retired, My Lady. LADY MARY: I told Lord Brocklehurst he must wait for his answer. BILL CRICHTON: I'm sure you know best. LADY MARY: Oh, Guv, I thought you were a fighter. On the island... BILL CRICHTON: On the island, I had tangible things to fight. Here, there's only civilisation. No man can fight civilisation and win.No man can fight civilisation and win. LADY MARY: I'll fight with you. BILL CRICHTON: We'd end up by fighting each other. LADY MARY: Let's go back. BILL CRICHTON: To the island? LADY MARY: Yes. I can still hear the sound of the surf, see the curve of the bay. BILL CRICHTON: No, Mary. One can't recapture a dream. Don't spoil it by trying to. LADY MARY: Bill! I won't let you go. I won't. BILL CRICHTON: Mary, you know I am right. LADY MARY: No, I don't. I love you. BILL CRICHTON: You loved somebody you called the Governor. He does not exist anymore. Now you're Lady Mary, and it's time you say good night to Crichton, your butler. LADY MARY: No. BILL CRICHTON: Come along.
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