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Watch AVATAR movie 9 | Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move

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Quotes with pictures JAKE SULLY NARRATING: I was a warrior who dreamed he could bring peace. Sooner or lather though you always have to wake up. NORM SPELLMAN: Monsters! TRUDY CHACON: What's going on brother, long time no see. LOCK UP TROOPER: Hi. TRUDY CHACON: Personaly I don't feel these tree hugging traitors deserve steakI don't feel these tree hugging traitors deserve steak. LOCK UP TROOPER: They got steak? Bullshit, let me see that. TRUDY CHACON: You know what that is, down. NORM SPELLMAN: Trudy, my God... TRUDY CHACON: Max! JAKE SULLY: Trudy, fire up the ship. TRUDY CHACON: Here. Clear, come on. Here you go. JAKE SULLY: Max, stay here. I need someone on the inside I can trust. JAKE SULLY: OK. Go. NORM SPELLMAN: Clear. TRUDY CHACON: Come on baby. OP CENTER STAFF #2: Colonel, I got a situation. Unauthorized engine start. TRUDY CHACON: Come on! COLONEL QUARITCH: Mask on! TRUDY CHACON: I'm taking fire, let's go! PRIVATE FIKE: Colonel! GRACE AUGUSTINE: Crap. TRUDY CHACON: Everybody all right back there? JAKE SULLY: Yeah baby. Norm, you good? NORM SPELLMAN: Yeah. GRACE AUGUSTINE: This is gonna ruin my whole day. NORM SPELLMAN: Grace is hit. TRUDY CHACON: What? JAKE SULLY: Get the trauma kit. Keep the pressure on Grace. TRUDY CHACON: Trauma kit's forward, on the bulk head. JAKE SULLY: Hang on Grace. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Doesn't matter. It's fine. JAKE SULLY: Good to go? NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: Take it up. TRUDY CHACON: Hold on. NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: You're clear! JAKE SULLY: Keep going north, get us deep into the mountains. TRUDY CHACON: Copy that. JAKE SULLY: Norm, you all good up there? NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: Yup, still here. TRUDY CHACON: At least they can't track us up here. Not this far into the vortex. JAKE SULLY: It's strongest at the Tree of Souls, right? TRUDY CHACON: Yeah. JAKE SULLY: Good. Cos that's where we're going. JAKE SULLY: Big cry baby. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Are we moving? JAKE SULLY: I'm gonna get you some help Grace. GRACE AUGUSTINE: I'm a scientist, remember? I don't believe in fairy tales.I'm a scientist, remember? I don't believe in fairy tales. JAKE SULLY: People are gonna help you, I know it. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Why would they help us? JAKE SULLY NARRATING: The people say, Eywa will provide. But no home, no hope... There was only one place they could go. NORM SPELLMAN: Link's running, what's the plan Jake? JAKE SULLY: There's no plan. NORM SPELLMAN: Tsu'Tey is the chief now. He's not gonna let you near that place. JAKE SULLY: I've got to try. NORM SPELLMAN: Launching. JAKE SULLY NARRATING: Outcast... Betrayer... Alien... I was in the place, the eye does not see. I needed their help and they needed mine. But to ever face them again. I was gonna have to take it to a whole new level. Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane moveSometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: There's something we gotta do. You're not going to like it. JAKE SULLY NARRATING: The way I had it figured, Turok is the baddest cat in the skyTurok is the baddest cat in the sky. Nothing attacks him. Easy boy. So why would he ever look up? That was just a theroy. NEYTIRI: I see you. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: I see you. NEYTIRI: I was affraid Jake. For my people. I'm not any more. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Tsu'Tey, son of Ateyo. I stand before you ready to serve the people of Omaticaya. You are the leader. And a great warrior. I can't do this without you. TSU'TEY: Toruk Makto. I will fly with you. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: My friend is dying. Grace is dying. I beg the help of Eywa.
JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Look where we are Grace.
GRACE AUGUSTINE: I need to take some samples.
MO'AT: Great Mother may choose to save all that she is... In this body.
JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Is that possible.
MO'AT: She must pass through the eye of Eywa, and return. But Jake Sully, she is very weak.
JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Hold on Grace, they're gonna fix you up.