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Watch AVATAR movie 6 | The Tree of Souls

Quotes with pictures TSU'TEY: Jake Sully will go first. NEYTIRI: Now you choose your Ikran. This you
must feel inside. If he also chooses you move quick like I showed. You will have one chance Jake. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: How will I know if he chooses me? NEYTIRI: He will try to kill you. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Outstanding. Let's dance. TSU'TEY: The fool wants to die. Don't be affraid warrior. NEYTIRI: Make the bond! Jake! Sa'Helu Jake! Sa'Helu! JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Stop! That's right, you're mine. First flight seals the bond, you can not waitFirst flight seals the bond, you can not wait. Think fly. Fly? God damn... Shit! Shut up and fly straight! That's it. Bank left. Level up! That's it. Baby I got this! Shit! JAKE SULLY NARRATING: I may not be much of a horse guy, but I was born to do this. NEYTIRI: I came like this, this you, I turn, I feel the wind, I turn very strong. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: I see, I bank so hard. GRACE AUGUSTINE: The Tree of Souls, it's their most sacred placeThe Tree of Souls, it's their most sacred place. See the flux vortex and these false color images? TRUDY CHACON: That's what messes up my instruments. GRACE AUGUSTINE: There is something really interesting going on in there biologicaly. I would die to get samples. Outsiders are strictly forbidden. You lucky swine. JAKE SULLY NARRATING: I was a stone cold aerial hunterI was a stone cold aerial hunter. Death from above. Only problem is, you're not the only one. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Dive! Follow me! JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Guys call it a Great Leonopteryx. NEYTIRI: It is Toruk, last shadow. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Right, it's the last one you ever see. NEYTIRI: My grandfather's grandfather was Toruk Makto. Rider of last shadow. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: He rode this? NEYTIRI: Toruk chose him. It has only happen five times since the time from the first songs. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: That's a long time. NEYTIRI: Yes. Toruk Makto was mighty. He brought the clans together in a time of Great Sorrow. All Na'vi people know the story. JAKE SULLY NARRATING: Everything is backwards now. Like out there is the true world, and in here is the dream. JAKE SULLY VIDEO LOG: I can't believe it's only been three months. I don't even remember my whole life. I don't even know who I am any more. COLONEL QUARITCH: Haven't got lost in the woods, have you? Your last report was more than two weeks ago. I started to doubt your resolve. Way I see it, it's time to terminate the mission. JAKE SULLY: I can do this. COLONEL QUARITCH: You already have. You've given me good usable intel. This Tree of Souls place... I got them by the balls with that when this turns into a shit fight which it will. Now is time to come in. By the way, you're gonna get your legs back. Yes, I got you corporative approval. It's a done deal, gonna have you on a shuttle tonight. I'm a man of my word. JAKE SULLY: I got to finish this. It's one more thing. Ceremony. It's the final stage of becoming a man. If I do it, I'm one of them. They'll trust me. And I can negotiate the terms of their relocation. COLONEL QUARITCH: Than you better get it done corporal.