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Watch AVATAR movie 4 | Eywa, their goddess made up of all living things

Quotes with pictures NEYTIRI: Seeds of the sacred tree. Very pure spirits. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: What was that all about? NEYTIRI: Come. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Where are we going? NEYTIRI: Come. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: What's your name? NEYTIRI: Everyone back off! Tsu'tey, what are you doing? TSU'TEY: This demon should not be here. NEYTIRI: I saw a sign. We must take him to Tsahik. TSU'TEY: Bring him. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: What's going on? What's happening? NEYTIRI: Father... I hear you. EYTUCAN: This creature, why did you bring it here? NEYTIRI: I wanted to kill him, but I saw a sign from Eywa. EYTUCAN: I said that no night walker may come here. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: What's he saying? EYTUCAN: My nose twists from its stench. What's he saying? NEYTIRI: My father is deciding whether to kill you. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Your father? It's nice to meet you sir. MO'AT: Everyone stop! I'm amazed at this alien. NEYTIRI: That is mother, she is Tsahik, the one who interprets the will of Eywashe is Tsahik, the one who interprets the will of Eywa. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Who's Eywa? MO'AT: What are you called? JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Jake Sully. MO'AT: Why did you come to us? JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: I came to learn. MO'AT: We have tried to teach other sky people. It is hard to fill a cup which is already full. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: My cup is empty, trust me. Ask dr. Augustine, I'm no scientist. MO'AT: What are you. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: I was a marine. A warrior, of the jarhead clan. TSU'TEY: Him a warrior? I could easily kill him. EYTUCAN: This is the first warrior we encountered among the sleepers. We must learn more about him. MO'AT: Daughter... You will teach him our ways, to talk and act as we do. NEYTIRI: Why me? It's not fair. MO'AT: It is decided. My daughter will teach you our ways, learn well Jake Sully. And we will see if your insanity can be cured. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Good evening. Please don't get up. Sorry. Hey, how you doing? GRACE AUGUSTINE: Jake. MAX PATEL: He's coming out. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Come on back kid. That's it. There you go. You were talking like a tick. Is the Avatar safe?You were talking like a tick. Is the Avatar safe? JAKE SULLY: Yeah doc. You are not gonna believe where I am. GRACE AUGUSTINE: The last thing we see is this marine's ass disappearing in the bush with this angry Thanator coming after him. JAKE SULLY: It's not something you could teach. GRACE AUGUSTINE: For reasons I cannot fathom the Omaticaya have chosen you. God help us all. COLONEL QUARITCH: Jarhead clan? And it worked? JAKE SULLY: I'm practically family. They're gonna study me, I have to learn to be one of them. COLONEL QUARITCH: That's called taking initiative son. Wish I had ten more like you. PARKER SELFRIDGE: Sully, just find out what the blue monkeys want. We tried to give them medicine, education, roads, but no, they like mud. And that wouldn't bother me, it's just that they're... Can somebody just... Sector 12. Stop. Their damn village happens to be resting on the richest Unobtanium deposit within 200 clicks in any directionthe richest Unobtanium deposit within 200 clicks in any direction. I mean, look at all that chatter. JAKE SULLY: Who gets them to move? COLONEL QUARITCH: Guess. JAKE SULLY: What if they won't go? COLONEL QUARITCH: I'm betting that they will. PARKER SELFRIDGE: Killing the indigenous looks bad. But there's one thing that shareholders hate more than bad press. And that's a bad corely statement. I didn't make up the rules. So just find me a carrot that will get them to move. Otherwise it's going to have to be his stick. COLONEL QUARITCH: You got three months, that's when the dozers get there. JAKE SULLY: We're wasting time. PARKER SELFRIDGE: I like this guy. GRACE AUGUSTINE: OK, let's run through them again. Moat, dragon lady. Eytuken. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Eytukan He's the clan leader, she's their spiritual leader. Like a shaman. JAKE SULLY: Got it. Tsutey. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Tsu'tey He'll be the next clan leader. JAKE SULLY: Neytiri. GRACE AUGUSTINE: She'll be the next Tsahik. They become a mated pair. JAKE SULLY: So who's this Eywa? NORM SPELLMAN: Who's Eywa?! Only their deity, their goddess made up of all living thingsOnly their deity, their goddess made up of all living things. Everything they know. You'd know this if you had any training whatsoever. JAKE SULLY: Who's got a date with the chief's daughter? GRACE AUGUSTINE: Let's go, village life starts early. Don't do anything unusually stupid. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Easy boy. NEYTIRI: It's a female. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Easy girl! NEYTIRI: That is Sa'helu, the bond. Feel her. Feel her heart beat. Her breath. Feel her strong legs. You may tell her what to do, inside. For now, say her to go. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Forward. TSU'TEY: You should go away. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: You'd miss me. I knew you could speak english. TSU'TEY: This alien doesn't learn nothing. Even the stone understands better. Just look at him. NEYTIRI: Again.