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Watch Avatar movie 2 online | Welcome to your new body Jake Sully

Quotes with pictures GRACE AUGUSTINE: How much link time do you log? NORM SPELLMAN: About 520 hours. GRACE AUGUSTINE: That's good. You're in there, you're here. How much have you logged? JAKE SULLY: Zip. But I red the manual. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Tell me you're jokingTell me you're joking. JAKE SULLY: This is cool. NORM SPELLMAN: Let's go. JAKE SULLY: Don't, I got this. GRACE AUGUSTINE: So you just figured you'd come out here to the most hostile environment known to man with no training of any kind and see how it went? What was going through your head? JAKE SULLY: Maybe I was sick of doctors telling me what I couldn't do. LINK ROOM TECH: Biometrics look good. Link is ready. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Keep your arms in, hands in. Head down. Just relax and let your mind go blank. That shouldn't be hard for you. JAKE SULLY: Kiss the darkest part of my... GRACE AUGUSTINE: Initiate link. MAX PATEL: Run sequence, unit 3. LINK ROOM TECH: Launching. I have the first congruency. MAX PATEL: That's a gorgeous brain, nice activityThat's a gorgeous brain, nice activity. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Go figure. LINK ROOM TECH: Phase lock 40%. GRACE AUGUSTINE: I'm going in 4. LINK ROOM TECH: Phase lock 99%, link is stable. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #1: Jake can you hear me? AMBIENT ROOM TECH #2: Fibrial reflexes look good. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #1: Response normal. How are you feeling Jake? JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Hey guys. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #2: Welcome to your new body Jake. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #1: Good. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #2: We're gonna take this nice and easy Jake. NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: No problem. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #3: I can see you remember that one. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #1: Well, if you want to sit up, that's fine. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #2: Let's take it nice and slow Jake. No tranquil attacks, that's good. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #1: Do you feel lightheaded or dizzy? AMBIENT ROOM TECH #2: Wiggling your toes. Good Jake. System motor control is good. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #1: Are you feeling any numbness or pain? AMBIENT ROOM TECH #2: Take it easy, don't get ahead of yourself. There are few more sensory and motor reflex tests we need to run, so tak it easy. Jake listen to me. Jake I need you to sit down. It's OK, I got this. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #1: Jake you need to sit down. MAX PATEL: Guys get him back on the gurney. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #2: You need to sit down... Sedate him! 1000 mg, fast! MAX PATEL: Jake, you're not used to your avatar body, this is dangerousJake, you're not used to your avatar body, this is dangerous. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: This is great. NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: Come on, they're gonna put you out. Sit down! BASKETBALL AVATAR #1: Come on, you ain't got no skills. BASKETBALL AVATAR #2: I don't even have to play defense. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Hey guys. NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: It's OK, I'll get him. AMBIENT ROOM TECH #1: Jake you have to come inside. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Sorry. NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: You're not supposed to be running! JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Sorry. SUIT DRIVER: Watch it. GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: Marine! JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: Damn... Grace? GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: Who did you expect numb nuts? Think fast! Motor control is looking good. GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: Everybody quiet down. Lights out. C'mon Louise, chop chop. Don't play with that, you'll go blind. JAKE SULLY AS AVATAR: That's kinda freaky. GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: C'mon. Lights out, see you at dinner kitties. MAX PATEL: Welcome back. You all right? JAKE SULLY: I'm OK. TRUDY CHACON: I'm Trudy, I fly all the scientzoids. And this here is my baby. Hold on a second. Wainfleet get it done. We bounce at nine. CORPORAL LYLE WAINFLEET: I'm on it captain. TRUDY CHACON: Is still loose. JAKE SULLY: You guys are packing some heavy gear. TRUDY CHACON: Watch it! That's cos we're not the only ones flying around out there. Or the biggest. But I need you on a door gun. I'm a man short. JAKE SULLY: Thought you'd never ask. TRUDY CHACON: There's your man. See you on the flight lane. JAKE SULLY: You wanted to see me colonel? This low gravity will make you softThis low gravity will make you soft. COLONEL QUARITCH: You get soft... Pandora will shit you out dead with zero warning. I pulled your record corporal. Venezuela, that was some mean bush. JAKE SULLY: Nothing like this here though. COLONEL QUARITCH: You got some heart kid, showing up in this neighborhood. JAKE SULLY: Figured it's just another hell hole. COLONEL QUARITCH: I was the first recon myself. Few years ahead of you, well maybe more than a few. Three tours in Nigeria, not a scratch. I come out here... Day one, think I felt like a shaved tale. They could fix me up, if I rotated back. Make me pretty again. But you know what, I kinda like it. It reminds me every day what's waiting out there. Avatar program is a bad joke. Bunch a limp dick science majors. However, it does present an opportunity most timely and unique, clear! A recon gyrene in an avatar body. That's a potent mix, gives me the goosebumps. Such a marine could provide the intel I need, right on the groundSuch a marine could provide the intel I need, right on the ground. Right in the hostile's camp. Look Sully, I want you to learn about this savages on the inside, I want you to gain their trust. I need to know how o force their cooperation or hammer them hard if they won't. JAKE SULLY: Am I still with Augustine? COLONEL QUARITCH: On paper. You walk like on of her science pukes, you quak like one... But you report to me. Can you do that for me son? JAKE SULLY: Hell yeah sir. COLONEL QUARITCH: Well all right then. Son, I take care of my own. You get me what I need, I'll see to it you get your legs back when you rotate home. Your real legs. JAKE SULLY: That sounds real good sir. MAX PATEL: Link's ready. GRACE AUGUSTINE: Just keep your mouth shut and let Norm do the talking. All right, I'm going in. GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: Shut it down, we're gonna stay a while. Norm, your pack. Stay with the ship. One idiot with a gun is enough. CORPORAL LYLE WAINFLEET: You the man doc. GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: Prolemurs, they're not aggressive. Relax marine, you're making me nervous. NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: How will they know we're here? GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: I'm sure they're watching us right now. Keep moving Norm. Keep up guys. And here I go. Scanning. NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: It's that fast? GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: Amazing isn't it? That is signal transduction from this root to the root of the tree next to it. We should take a sample. NORM SPELLMAN AS AVATAR: It's probably electrical, based on the speed of the reaction. GRACE AUGUSTINE AS AVATAR: Norm, you've contaminated the sample with your saliva.