J-ball game

where you must trap the J-atoms into smaller spaces in order to make at least 75 percent of the camber disappear
Rating: 95% (4 reviews) Rating 5
Game controls: To build a wall move the mouse until the wallbuilder is where you want it. Scroll the wheel of the mouse or press spacebar or enter key to change between vertical and horizontal wallbuilding position.
Tips: You can check on your progess by looking at the area cleared at the bottom of the screen. The number of lives left is displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen.
J-ball game


Rating 5  James, Saint Paul, MN, US
Nice graphics! J-ball is an awesome game! First, I had difficulties. But after several attempts, everything went very well.

Rating 5  Brad, Austin, TX, US
The levels are very exciting. The animation is amusing and very funny.

Rating 5  Benjamin, Tulsa, OK, US
A charming game online. J-ball was loaded very quickly.

Rating 5  Carolin, Stockton, CA, US
I spoke with my friend and I gave him the link to play himself this great game.