Helicopter game

where you must pilot the airship as long distance as possible using your left mouse button to go up or to go down.
Rating: 95% (8 reviews) Rating 5
Game controls: Click and hold left mouse button to go up and release to go down.
Tips: On the bottom of the player screen, you have the covered distance. To maintain the same height, you must do short multi-clicks with your mouse.
Helicopter game


Rating 5  James, Saint Paul, MN, US
Helicopter is very entertaining and will satisfy me.

Rating 4  Buddy, Aspen, CO, US
Easy and funny.

Rating 5  Aden, Mount Vernon, WA, US
Must to have the ability to execute multi tasks.

Rating 4  Madison, Passaic, NJ, US
I want more games like this one.

Rating 5  Barbara, Stockton, CA, US
I spoke with my friend and I gave him the game link.

Rating 5  Benjamin, Tulsa, OK, US
The game Helicopter was loaded very quickly.

Rating 5  Tammy, London, UK
I like very much Helicopter game. It's one of my favorite.

Rating 5  Alicia, Redding, CA, US
I rather fancy this game. 5 stars.