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was released on November 14, 2005 (#10 U.S. Billboard Hot Single Sales; #53 UK Singles Chart). The video show as Enya's trademark signatures, with threads from hymnal, classical, rock and Celtic mystic traditions woven together into a complex musical tapestry.
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And Winter Came
The album was released on November 7, 2008. A nice evocation of the changing landscape of winter and the cheer that Christmas brings. One of the songs, a tribute to Jimmy Faulkner, involves a slight departure for Enya featuring guitar solos as well as references to The Beatles, Elvis and B.B. King.
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the 2nd track in the album The Memory of Trees (1995), is a hit single (#7 on the UK and #8 on Irish Singles Chart); was released with Boadicea and Oriel Window as additional tracks and became a remarkable exponent of the New Age video songs.
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Book Of Days
is sung by Enya in Gaelic on the 7th track of the album Shepherd Moons (1991) and in English and Gaelic on the 3rd track of album Paint the Sky with Stars (1997). The video is based on the second version also used on the end of the movie Far and Away (1992) starred by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
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the 2nd song in the album Shepherd Moons (1991), also released as a single (1996, #13 UK Singles Chart; #3 U.S. Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks), a video dream who takes you right outside the atmosphere where the imagination is free and as all dreams we reach.
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The Celts
A re-mastered version of 1987 debut album Enya. On The Celts, Enya employs the multi-vocal technique - layers and layers of perfectly pitched and matched breathing of vowel sounds. This results in a vast choral wave and gives life to the background music of synthethisers and digitals.
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is the 8th song in the successful album Watermark (1988, platinum in 14 different countries), also released as a single (1988, #20 UK Singles Chart). Nicky Ryan: "When we heard the ghost story I thought the piece of music that Enya had written, became 'Evening Falls', was really appropriate to that. It was at that stage that Roma write the lyrics."
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How Can I Keep From Singing
is the 3rd song in the album Shepherd Moons (1991), also released as a single (1991, #32 UK Singles Chart), one of two adaptations rather than originals, the haunting Shaker hymn. The video featured Enya singing in a church in the Gaoth Dobhair.
  Watch Enya video How Can I Keep From Singing How Can I Keep From Singing   It's In The Rain
Is the 3rd song in the album Amarantine (2005), also released as a single (2006, #195 UK Singles Chart). The video, in shades of white, silver, red and purple, show us a lonely woman in love which the rain - as being sources - brings her the melancholy of love.
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May It Be
was featured in Peter Jackson's 2001 film The Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring. The song entered the German Singles Chart at number one in 2002. Enya performed her song at the Academy Awards on March 24, 2002. She was "absolutely" excited about the performance. For her it was the "first time to be nominated, and to get to perform, it's just wonderful, absolutely wonderful."
  Watch Enya video May It Be May It Be   The Memory of Trees
is released in 1995 (#5 UK, #9 United States). It won the Grammy Award for "Best New Age Album" of 1997. Enya: I love the ambiguity of the idea, but it's got more to do with what the trees have been through and their awareness of us, instead of our awareness of them.
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My! My! Time Flies!
It the first ever Enya song to feature a steady drum track and a prominent 12-string guitar accompaniment. The guitar parts were played by Dublin-based guitarist Pat Farrell. The song is dedicated to the memory of Jimmy Faulker, a well known Dublin guitarist who died in 2008.
  Watch Enya video My! My! Time Flies! My! My! Time Flies!   On My Way Home
is the 11th song in the album The Memory of Trees (1995), also released as a single (1996, #26 UK Singles Chart). A video as a return on the way home by a train journey going through the cold winter, and this return awake memories about innocent years of childhood.
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Only If
the 5th song in the album Paint the Sky with Stars (1997), also released as a single (1997, #43 UK Singles Chart). The video - amusing and full of good vibes - transmits confidence that if you really want something (let's say, to fly like a bird wing), is sure that you'll find a way to fulfill your desire.
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was released in 2000 in the same time with the album "A Day Without Rain". Enya Only Time was featured in the soundtrack of the motion picture Sweet November (2001). Is Enya's biggest solo hit in the United States (#10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #1 on the adult contemporary chart). Roma favorites lyrics.
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Orinoco Flow
the 7th song in the album Watermark (1988), was a massive success worldwide (#1 UK Singles Chart; #24 U.S. Billboard Hot 100). To promote her records, Enya undertook a gruelling promotional schedule in which the term globe-trotting took on a new meaning.
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Composed in D major key, the 2nd track of Dark Sky Island album released on 20 November 2015 on Aigle Music, confirms once again through melodic line and lyrics, Enya's resources for gratitude and universality, the delicacy and profoundness of her huge artistic potential
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Storms In Africa
was released as a single in the UK in June 1989. Originally sung in Gaelic on the Watermark album, the song was re-written with English lyrics and re-arranged to a faster tempo for its single release. Was included on the soundtrack for film Green Card (1990). The video use English lyrics.
  Watch Enya video Storms In Africa Storms In Africa   Trains And Winter Rains
The first single from the album And Winter Came (2008), Trains and Winter Rains, is track no. 5. Here the perspective is different from the good old Christmas theme on the previous tracks. The music video to this song shows a city skyline at night.
  Watch Enya video Trains And Winter Rains Trains And Winter Rains
the 1st song in the successful album Watermark (1988). "I really enjoyed the classical side of music." As befits dream-like music, where a sigh or a moan or the merest movement of air between the speakers can be a significant part of the composition, the story of Enya's Watermark album begins and ends with silence.
  Watch Enya video Watermark Watermark   Wild Child
is the 2nd song in the album A Day Without Rain (2000, Grammy Award for "Best New Age Album" of 2002), also released as a single (2001, #72 UK Singles Chart). The video is an invitation as a return to innocence on mother nature carrying us to the essence of our being.
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