The timeless mystery of love

Quotes from Tarzan II with Terk, Kala, Tarzan, Kago, Uto, Mama Gunda, Tantor, and snapshot picture
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Tarzan II - The timeless mystery of love - snapshot picture   Terk: Auntie Kala, hang on! Tarzan: Mom! Terk: Kala! Gorillas Cubs: Yes! Way to go, Tarzan! Kala: I thought I'd lost you.
Tarzan: I'm sorry I left, Mom. But I didn't want to hurt you.
Kala: Hurt me? Tarzan, you saved me.
Kago and Uto: Mama! Uto: Mama! Help! Kago: He's after us. Uto: He's everywhere!
Mama Gunda: Hello, boys. Kago and Uto: Mama? Mama Gunda: He thinks I have beautiful eyes. Kago: Wait a second. Aren't we gonna thump somebody? Uto: Yeah.
Mama Gunda: No, dears. That's all over now. Kago and Uto: But, Ma! Mama Gunda: Lips! How many times do I have to tell you no fighting? No more fighting with anyone. Kago and Uto: Yes, ma'am.
Tantor: The timeless mystery of love. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Tarzan II