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Donald Duck and Jose Carioca on Rio
Quotes NARRATOR: From the pampas to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro a city of amazing beauty and a perfect setting. One of the best views of the city is from the top of Sugarloaf overlooking Copacabana Beach, the playground of Rio. From Corcovado, the Statue of the Saviour looks out upon these scenes of active city life.

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This is the kind of atmosphere the artists were after: the outdoor cafes the mosaic sidewalks that are found all over Rio. These designs are a tribute to patience and artistry preserving a Brazilian tradition. Here are some of the first impressionsHere are some of the first impressions. This is what can happen to a big city when a crowd of cartoonists are turned loose. Among the sketches was a promising actor Old Papagaio, the parrot featured in most of Brazil's funny storiesthe parrot featured in most of Brazil's funny stories. With the help of the wardrobe department, he becomes Joe CariocaWith the help of the wardrobe department, he becomes Joe Carioca. The music of Brazil, a Samba. Rhythm instruments like the reco-reco and the cabaca all help to beat out that intricate Samba rhythm a lively two-step with a bounce. It's the same rhythm that captivates the whole city when carnival time comes around.
Carnival in Rio three hilarious days and nights. Singing, dancing and celebrating. The spirit of the Mardi Gras and New Year's Eve rolled into one. Each year hundreds of songs are written especially for this occasion and the dream of every composer is to have his song chosen as a carnival hit.
One number stood out as a perfect background for the first Brazilian film. Its author, Ary Barroso, has made use of the samba rhythm to paint a musical picture of his native land. A watercolor of Brazil.
DONALD DUCK: What happened? Where am I? What's going on around here? Boy, this is fun! What's this? A parrot?
JOE CARIOCA: Cavaleiro!
DONALD DUCK: Joe Carioca. Rio de January, Brassa.
JOE CARIOCA: No, senor. Jose Carioca. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.