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Far out on the pampas | Saludos Amigos

Goofy and his horse Quotes NARRATOR: Dashing at breakneck speed, the gaucho whirls the bolas, round and, round faster and faster, and then the throw! Straight and sure it flies until it finds its mark, and the swift bird is captured and tied, all in one operation. And now to fully appreciate this remarkable feat let us study the action through the eye of the slow-motion camera.

Note the grace and beauty of this light-footed creature in startled flightNote the grace and beauty of this light-footed creature in startled flight. with delicate balance and clocklike precision of timing man and beast moving as one display a minimum of waste motion as the whirling bolas are unleashed. GOOFT: Ow-oh! NARRATOR: Faster and faster! On and on they spin, closer and closer! Here they come! Be careful! Get out of the way! Heads up! Watch it! Look out, look out! Here it comes! Duck! Too late! When night falls, the lone gaucho oft-times finds him far, far out on the pampasfar out on the pampas. Listen to the melancholy strains of the trite a sad, romantic ballad. But the gaucho is not always sad. Let us dance to the lively beat of the chacarera the dance of the farmer's daughterthe dance of the farmer's daughter. Combining the minuet, the bunny hug and a dash of jumping jive. The pampas version of cutting a rugThe pampas version of cutting a rug. And El Malambo a solo number in which the dancer swings out with utter abandon often described as perpetual motion below the equator. El pala pala. GOOFY: Uh-ha!
NARRATOR: Traditional dance of the rooster and the hen.
And now, as he sways to the gentle undulations of El Malambo we gently waft our transplanted cowboy back to his prairie homeland.
Here we leave him with warm and tender memories of his visit to the guy, romantic land of the gaucho.
GOOFY: Hasta la vista. Adios, amigos!