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Script 3 Lady Cluck: Oh, Marian, don't look around, but I do believe we're surrounded. Oh, mercy! Skippy: He snitched on us. Maid Marian: It's all right, children. Don't be afraid. Please come here. Toby: Do you think it's safe? Tagalong: That's Maid Marian. Sis: Mama said she's awful nice. Come on! Tagalong: Hey, you guys, not so fast. Wait for me. Sis: I told Skippy he was shooting too high. Maid Marian: I'm so very glad he did. Now I get to meet all of you. Tagalong: Gee, you're very beautiful. Sis: Are you gonna marry Robin Hood? Tagalong: Mama said you and Robin Hood are sweethearts. Maid Marian: Well, um... You see, that was several years ago before I left for London. Toby: Did he ever kiss you? Maid Marian: Well, uh, no. But he carved our initials on this tree. I remember it so well. Skippy: You gonna have any kids? Tagalong: My mom gots a lot of kids. Maid Marian: Oh, he's probably forgotten all about me. Skippy: Oh, not Robin Hood. I bet he'll storm the castle gates, fight the guards, rescue ya and drag you off to Sherwood Forest. Lady Cluck: Now just a moment there, young man. You've forgotten Prince John. Skippy: That old Prince John don't scare me none. Toby: I'm scared of Prince John. He's cranky. Lady Cluck: Ah! I, Prince John, challenge you to a duel. Hey, hey! Take that! And that! And this! Skippy: Death to tyrants! Sis: Slice him to pieces! Maid Marian: Oh, save me, my hero. Save me. Lady Cluck: Oh! Ouch! That's not fair. Mommy! Sis: That's Prince John, all right. Skippy: Yahoo! Now I got ya! Lady Cluck: Oh, mercy! Mercy! Oh! Oh, he got me. I'm dying. Skippy: Did I hurt you? Huh? Lady Cluck: No. This is the part where you drag your lady fair off to Sherwood Forest. Skippy: Come on, lady fair! Let's go! Maid Marian: Oh, Robin, you're so brave and impetuous. Oh. So this is Sherwood Forest. Skippy: Yeah, I guess so. Well, now what are we gonna do? Maid Marian: Well, usually the hero gives his fair lady a kiss. Skippy: A kiss? Oh, that's sissy stuff. Maid Marian: Well, if you won't, then I will. Sis: They're kissing!

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Alan-a-Dale - a rooster "I'm a minstrel"
  Robin Hood
Robin Hood - a fox "Just you watch this performance, partner"
  Robin Hood disguised as spindle-legged stork from Devonshire
Robin Hood disguised as spindle-legged stork from Devonshire
  Robin Hood disguised as a fortune teller
Robin Hood disguised as a fortune teller
  Little John
Little John - a bear "Hey, old Rob's not a bad actor"
Friar Tuck
Friar Tuck - a badger "Surprise! Long live Robin Hood!"
  Maid Marian
Maid Marian - a vixen "You could've chosen a more romantic setting"
  Lady Cluck
Lady Cluck - a chicken "Oh, I've never been so happy"
  King Richard
King Richard - a lion "Oh, not bad"
  Prince John
Prince John - a lion "Mother always did like Richard best"
Sir Hiss
Sir Hiss - a snake "Hypnotism could rid you of your psychosis so easily"
  Sheriff of Nottingham
Sheriff of Nottingham - a wolf "There's somethin' funny goin' on around here"
  Otto the Blacksmith
Otto the Blacksmith - a dog "God bless Robin Hood"
  Father Sexton
Father Sexton - a mouse "Oh, we were just saving it for a rainy day"
  Mother Church
Mother Church - a mouse "It's not much, but please take it for the poor"
Trigger - a vulture "I still got a feelin'"
Nutsy - a vulture "One o'clock, and all's well!"
  Captain of the Guards
Captain of the Guards - a crocodile "Golden arrow will now begin"
  Mother Rabbit
Mother Rabbit - a rabbit "Mind your manners"
Skippy - a rabbit "Oh, I don't care. I gotta get my arrow"
Sis - a rabbit "Slice him to pieces!"
Tagalong - a rabbit "Good-bye, Mr. Robin Hood! Come again on my birthday!"
Toby - a turtle "Did he ever kiss you?"
Lady Cluck: Ah, me. Young love. Oh, it's a grand thing. Maid Marian: Oh, Clucky, surely he must know how much I still love him. Lady Cluck: But, of course, my dear. Believe me, someday soon, your uncle, King Richard, will have an outlaw for an in-law. Maid Marian: Oh, Clucky. But when? When? Lady Cluck: Oh, patience, my dear. Patience. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maid Marian: Or forgetful. Oh, I've been away so long. What if he's forgotten all about me? Little John: Hey, lover boy. How's that grub comin'? Man, I'm starved. Rob? Robin? Robert? Hey! Robin Hood: Hmm? What? What do you say? Little John: Aw, forget it. Your mind's not on food. You're thinkin' about somebody with long eyelashes, and you're smellin' that sweet perfume. Robin Hood: Hey, whoa! It's boiling over! Little John: You're burnin' the chow! Robin Hood: Sorry, Johnny. Guess I was thinking about Maid Marian again. I can't help it. I love her, Johnny. Little John: Look, why don't you stop moonin' and mopin' around? Just... just marry the girl. Robin Hood: Marry her? You don't just walk up to a girl, hand her a bouquet and say, "Hey, remember me? We were kids together. Will you marry me?" No. It just isn't done that way. Little John: Aw, come on, Robbie. Climb the castle walls. Sweep her off her feet. Carry her off in style. Robin Hood: It's no use, Johnny. I've thought it all out, and it just wouldn't work. Besides, what have I got to offer her? Little John: Well, for one thing, you can't cook. Robin Hood: I'm serious, Johnny. She's a highborn lady of quality. Little John: So she's got class? So what? Robin Hood: I'm an outlaw, that's what. That's no life for a lovely lady. Always on the run. What kind of a future is that? Friar Tuck: Oh, for heaven's sake, son. You're no outlaw. Why, someday you'll be called a great hero. Robin Hood: A hero? Do you hear that, Johnny? We've just been pardoned. Little John: That's a gas. We ain't even been arrested yet. Friar Tuck: All right. Laugh, you two rogues. But there's gonna be a big to-do in Nottingham. Well-done, ain't it? Old Prince John's havin' a championship archery tournament tomorrow. Little John: Archery tournament? Old Rob could win that standin' on his head, huh, Rob? Robin Hood: Thank you, Little John, but I'm sure we're not invited. Friar Tuck: No, but there's somebody who'll be very disappointed if you don't come. Little John: Yeah, old bushel britches, the honorable sheriff of Nottingham. Friar Tuck: No, Maid Marian. Robin Hood: Maid Marian? Friar Tuck: Yeah. She's gonna give a kiss to the winner. Robin Hood: A kiss to the winner! Oo-de-lally! Come on, Johnny! What are we waiting for? Little John: Wait a minute, Rob. Hold it. That place will be crawlin' with soldiers. Robin Hood: Aha! But, remember. Faint hearts never won fair lady. Fear not, my friends. This will be my greatest performance. Prince John: Hiss, this is a red-letter day. A coup d'état, to coin a Norman phrase. Sir Hiss: Oh, yes, indeed, sire. Your plan to capture Robin Hood in public is sheer genius. Prince John: Hiss, no one sits higher than the king. Must I remind you, Hiss? Sir Hiss: Oh, oh, forgive me, sire. I didn't mean to... Prince John: My trap is baited and set and then revenge! Ah, revenge! Sir Hiss: Shh! Not so loud, sire. Remember, only you and I know, and your secret is my secret. Prince John: Stop! Stop hissing in my ear. Secret? What secret? Sir Hiss: Why, the capture of Robin Hood, sire. Prince John: That insolent blackguard. Ooh! I'll show him who wears the crown! Sir Hiss: I share your loathing, sire. That scurrilous scoundrel who fooled you with that silly disguise, who dared to rob you and made you look utterly ridiculous... Prince John: Enough! Hiss, you deliberately dodged. Sir Hiss: But... Sire, please. Prince John: Stop sniveling and hold still. Sir Hiss: Thank you, sire. Maid Marian: Oh, Clucky, I'm so excited. But how will I recognize him? Lady Cluck: Oh, he'll let you know somehow. That young rogue of yours is full of surprises, my dear. Robin Hood: There she is, Little John. Isn't she beautiful? Little John: Cool it, lover boy. Your heart's runnin' away with your head. Robin Hood: Oh, stop worrying.
I've been away so long
I've been away so long
  Sis, Tagalong and Toby
Sis, Tagalong and Toby
  This disguise would fool my own mother
This disguise would fool my own mother
  Maid Marian and Lady Cluck
Maid Marian and Lady Cluck