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The Rescuers 8 Girl named Penny

Quotes MADAME MEDUSA: Welsher! Swindler! Chiseler! Shut up, Snoops, and don't move. If either of you try to follow me you'll get blasted!
PENNY: You give me my teddy bear. You promised. My diamond! Charge! Now! Look out!
PENNY: Oh, please start.
BERNARD: Advance the spark. Not the horn, the spark lever. Digger, hold this. You dunderhead! We're not getting any gas.
ELLIE MAE: Fill her up, Luke.
PENNY: Hurry. All of it! Look out! The riverboat!
BERNARD: We did it, Bianca!
MISS BIANCA: Hooray! Bernard, you're wonderful!
ALL: We did it! We got her! We sure showed that Medusa!
MADAME MEDUSA: There goes my diamond!
TV ANNOUNCER: And because of a courageous little girl named Penny the world's largest diamond, the Devil's Eye is now in the Smithsonian Institute. But what's even more important, folks this little orphan's dream has come true.
Today she's being adopted. And here she is with her new mother and father.
MISS BIANCA: Bernard, I am so happy for Penny.
BERNARD: Yeah, so you might say that Penny, uh, brought us together.
MISS BIANCA: You are a darling.
TV ANNOUNCER: Penny, you were a brave little girl to do what you did all by yourself.
PENNY: Oh, I didn't do it all by myself. Two little mice from the Rescue Aid Society helped me.
TV ANNOUNCER: Mice? Rescue Aid Society?
PENNY: Yes, they rescued me. Uh, could I say hello to them? Hello, Bianca! Hi, Bernard!
TV ANNOUNCER: You can talk to these little mice?
PENNY: All the time. Mice can talk like anybody. Didn't you know that?
TV ANNOUNCER: Well, I didn't, but I do now, Penny.
MISS BIANCA: Evinrude, what are you doing here? It's another call for help.
BERNARD: You're gonna need some volunteers. But Bianca, we just.
MISS BIANCA: Oh, Bernard, adventure, thrills intrigue, travel, exotic places. Oh, come on, darling. Let's go.
BERNARD: I sure wish we'd have taken the train.

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