The Rescuers 7 The Devil's Eye

Quotes PENNY: That's where the water comes in. I'm afraid to go over there. BERNARD: Well, if I was a pirate that's just where I'd hide the Devil's Eye. I'll go over and check it out. Uh, come to think of it if I was a pirate, I wouldn't hide anything back there. MISS BIANCA: Bernard, look! I can see something. Come on. Let's see what it is. BERNARD: No, Bianca. You stay here. I'll see if I can find a safe way over. Bianca! MISS BIANCA: Oh! Hang on!

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MISS BIANCA: I'm coming!
MADAME MEDUSA: What are you doing down there?
PENNY: I'm looking.
MADAME MEDUSA: Well, look faster.
BERNARD: Wow! Holy mackerel. That's it.
PENNY: Medusa, I found it!
MR. SNOOPS: Let me look, Medusa!
MADAME MEDUSA: Back! Ah, good girl. Let's get it up here.
BERNARD: Look, it won't go through. I can't get it out.
MADAME MEDUSA: What's taking so long?
PENNY: It's stuck tight.
MADAME MEDUSA: Stuck tight? You get that diamond, or you'll never see daylight again!
BERNARD: Back, Penny! For forget the diamond. Let's get out of here before we drown.
PENNY: Please pull me up.
MADAME MEDUSA: Not until you get the diamond.
BERNARD: Penny, the pirate sword. Use the sword. Penny, help!
PENNY: I've got it! I've got it! Hurry! Pull me up!
MADAME MEDUSA: Faster, Snoops. Pulling as fast as I can. At last! The Devil's Eye!
MR. SNOOPS: It's worth millions!
MADAME MEDUSA: Just look at it. Filled with power for its owner.
MR. SNOOPS: Let me look at it.
MADAME MEDUSA: I can't Hey, that wasn't a very good look. Cut up a perfect gem? And it's mine. It's all mine.
MR. SNOOPS: All yours? Half of it is mine, you double-crossing crook!
PENNY: Put me down, Brutus!
MADAME MEDUSA: It's mine! It's all mine!
MR. SNOOPS: Double-crosser!
MADAME MEDUSA: Cheap pickpocket.
ELLIE MAE: Chiseler! Cheap crook! Land's sakes! It's Evinrude!
GRAMPS: Oh, well, sure is a mess.
DEADEYE: Where in tarnation you been, boy? LUKE: What's happening?
DEACON OWL: Do they want us now?
DIGGER: Well, where are they? They're on the boat?
DEACON OWL: Speak up, boy. Buck up! We mustn't be quitting now, must we?
ELLIE MAE: Stand back! Give poor Evinrude some air!
LUKE: He's plumb tuckered out. Here, son, this'll make a new bug out of you. Charge!
ALL: Ya-hoo! We're gonna have us a rip-snortin' fight. Yee-hoo! Charge!
DIGGER: Where'd everybody go? GRAMPS: I don't need any help from anybody! Charge! Ya-hoo!

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