The Rescuers 5 Gain confidence

Quotes BERNARD: Keep trying, Evinrude. MR. SNOOPS: Bring her right on in, boys. Come on. So, you tried to run away. Well, it didn't work, did it? PENNY: Put me down, Brutus! Cranky old dragon. MR. SNOOPS: Nice work. Good boys. Wait, boys. PENNY: There, Teddy. I won't let them do that to you again. Don't cry. MR. SNOOPS: Oh, Teddy. All she ever thinks about is that simple bear. Now, you behave, or I'll let Nero and Brutus have your old teddy bear.

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PENNY: You will not! Besides, I'm not scared of'em like you are, Mr. Snoops.
MR. SNOOPS: Oh, don't you sass me. Ah, uh, boys, take this naughty little girl to her room.
PENNY: I can go by myself, thank you.
BERNARD: Stick around, Evinrude. We'll signal if we need you. Look out! Here she comes!
MADAME MEDUSA: Where is she? Where is she? Ah, where is she?
MR. SNOOPS: Oh, I sent her up to her room.
MADAME MEDUSA: Why did you let her escape? What is your alibi this time, nitwit?
MR. SNOOPS: Well, don't blame me, Medusa.
MADAME MEDUSA: They let her get My precious pets. We know who caught that ungrateful little brat, don't we?
MR. SNOOPS: It was your brilliant idea to use the little girl for this caper.
MADAME MEDUSA: If you'd left it to me Snoops, you're not thinking.
MR. SNOOPS: I know, I know. She's the only one small enough to squeeze down the black hole.
MADAME MEDUSA: Yes, but why can't she find my big diamond?
MR. SNOOPS: I don't know, but just look at these beauties that she brought up from the cave. Oh, they'll sell for a lot of cold cash. I wish you wouldn't do that.
MISS BIANCA: She's insane. Utterly mad.
MADAME MEDUSA: I want that diamond. I've got to have the Devil's Eye! You didn't leave the girl down in the cave long enough.
MR. SNOOPS: She won't take orders. But the water was rising and the tide was coming in and all she did down there was fussing about her teddy bear getting wet.
MADAME MEDUSA: Snoops, you don't have a way with children. You must gain their Confidence make them like you.
MR. SNOOPS: How do you do that?
MADAME MEDUSA: You force them to like you, idiot! At the next low tide I am going to ut her down there myself and keep her there until she finds it. And it is as simple as that.
MR. SNOOPS: Oh, it's as simple as that, is it? Well, you're the boss, uh, boss.
MADAME MEDUSA: Yes. Now come along, petsy-poos.
MR SNOOPS: We gotta get Penny out of here tonight.
BERNARD: Oh, dear.
BERNARD: Miss Bianca!
MISS BIANCA: Let go, you, you big bullies, you!
MADAME MEDUSA: Brutus! Nero! Stop that infernal racket! I mean now! Snoops, a mouse! Look! There's another one! Oh, what is wrong with this thing? Snoops! What's wrong?
MR. SNOOPS: I don't
BERNARD: Evinrude, over here! Are you all right, dear?
MISS BIANCA: That terrible woman! Oh, if I was only a ten-foot mouse, I'd show her.
BERNARD: It's no use, Bianca. Maybe Rufus the cat was right. What can two little mice do?
MISS BIANCA: But, Bernard, the Society's counting on us. We can't quit now. Oh, and that little girl. We've just got to rescue her.
MADAME MEDUSA: Auntie Medusa wants to talk to you! High tide or not that little brat is going to find me that diamond tomorrow or else! Come in. Come in.
PENNY: Did you want to see me, ma'am?
MADAME MEDUSA: Why, yes, my dear. Don't be so shy. Now, I am going to let bygones be bygones. Do you know what would make Auntie Medusa very happy?
PENNY: Yes, you want me to find that diamond.
MADAME MEDUSA: That's right, dear!
PENNY: But I've tried hard as I could, honest.
MADAME MEDUSA: Of course you have. But we must try harder, mustn't we?
PENNY: Then please will you take me back to the orphanage like you promised?
MADAME MEDUSA: Penny, don't you like it here? A big, beautiful boat all to yourself.
PENNY: But if I don't get back to the orphanage I'll never get 'dopted.
MADAME MEDUSA: Adopted? What makes you think anyone would want a homely little girl like you?

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