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The Rescuers 4 Where are you folks

Quotes MADAME MEDUSA: Penny, answer me! Penny? Snoops, get down here!
MR. SNOOPS: What's up, Medusa? What's going on?
MADAME MEDUSA: That little brat has escaped again. Why won't it start? Snoops! What's wrong?
MR. SNOOPS: I don't know. It was working well yesterday.
MADAME MEDUSA: Oh, shut up! Send up flares! Light up the swamp so I can find her!
ORVILLE: Well, folks, we'll be landing at Devil's Bayou in just a minute. My rudder's on fire! Bail out!
MISS BIANCA: Help! Bernard!
ORVILLE: Mayday! Mayday!
ELLIE MAE: Sufferin' catfish! What on earth? Luke, wake up! Luke, get down here!
LUKE: It's Orville! Oh, that Orville.
ELLIE MAE: No, Luke, no. He's in trouble! You get down here right now!
LUKE: I'm comin'.
BERNARD: Look out below!
ELLIE MAE: Oh, what a shame. Here, honey, let me
help you.
LUKE: Say, cousin, you look like you could use a swig of this. It's good for what ails ya. There. Where are you folks from, anyway?
BERNARD: We're from New York.
ORVILLE: Now, stand back, folks. I ain't gonna hang around this creepy place long. Clear the runway! Great balls of fire! Holy smoke! Why don't you watch where you're goin'!
MISS BIANCA: Bernard, it's that terrible Medusa.
ELLIE MAE: I'd like to give her a few whacks with my rollin' pin.
LUKE: Hold it!
ELLIE MAE: Somebody's comin' this way.
PENNY: Why did you have to go and spoil everything?
ELLIE MAE: Oh, it's that poor little young 'un. She's tryin' to run away again.
MISS BIANCA: It's Penny. Oh, how terrible.
MISS BIANCA: Hurry! We've got to find out where they're taking her!
ELLIE MAE: You'll need a boat. Evinrude's got the fastest boat around here. Evinrude, wake up! Start up your engine, boy! Send Evinrude back as soon as you need help. I'll round up the neighbors!
BERNARD: Faster!
PENNY: You stop that, Brutus.
MISS BIANCA: This fog is awful. You can't see a thing.
BERNARD: They gotta be around here somewhere.
MISS BIANCA: Oh, dear! We've lost them!
BERNARD: Jehoshaphat! Hang on! Hard to port, Evinrude!
MISS BIANCA: Help me, Bernard! Help!
BERNARD: Bianca!

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