The Rescuers 3 I'm as fit as a fiddle

Quotes ANNOUNCER: All passengers please report for flight 614. BERNARD: Hurry, Miss Bianca! Medusa could be down at the Devil's Bayou by now. MISS BIANCA: Oh, I'm sorry, but a lady does have to pack a few things, you know. ANNOUNCER: Will Mr. Jenkins report to the ticket counter, please? All passengers please report for flight 614, now departing.

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BERNARD: Flight leaves 6:45. Oh, no, we missed the flight. Miss Bianca, if you hadn't
MISS BIANCA: you worries too much. You know that flights are always late. Now, what did I tell you? We are lucky, Mr. Bernard.
BERNARD: Luck? Flight 13? Maybe we'd better take the train.
ORVILLE: Wake up.! Dad-rad it! Somebody answer down there! Get off the dime! Hello! Is there anybody down there? Where have you been, you lazy knucklehead?
BERNARD: We just got here, sir. See, my co-agent insisted on packing her.
ORVILLE: Look, bud, am I clear to land? Traffic up here is thicker than fleas on a hound dog's. Wow! Dad-blast, you dirty road hog Crazy Look One at a time you stupid, longheaded.
MISS BIANCA: What did he say, Mr. Bernard?
BERNARD: I wouldn't dare repeat it.
MISS BIANCA: Well, then give him the permission to land.
BERNARD: Captain, you have our permission to land.
ORVILLE: Well, it's about time, bud!
MISS BIANCA: Look! There he is! Doesn't he fly beautifully? And you wanted to take the train, you 'fraidy cat.
BERNARD: Fraidy cat? It's just that. No, I like trains. I mean, they serve Roquefort. Pull up! Are you hurt, sir?
BERNARD: Oh, great. Come on. We're gonna take the train. Play it safe.
ORVILLE: Train? Safe? Listen here, buster. I'm as fit as a fiddle.
MISS BIANCA: And you look simply wonderful, Captain.
ORVILLE: Oh, shucks, just call me Orville, little lady.
BERNARD: All right, all right, uh, it's most important we get to Devil's Bayou.
ORVILLE: Well, now, will you just keep your shirt on? Flight 13 hits the wild blue yonder in five minutes.
BERNARD: Eight, nine, ten, eleven twelve.
ORVILLE: This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard, folks. Fasten your seat belts. No smoking. Just sit back and leave the driving to me.
BERNARD: Miss Bianca, be sure it's fastened good and tight.
MISS BIANCA: I can't. It'll wrinkle my dress.
ORVILLE: Say, bud, read the checklist to me.
BERNARD: If at first you don't succeed try, try again. And here we go! I sure wish we'd have taken the train.
MISS BIANCA: Oh, I just love takeoffs!
BERNARD: He just went through a red light. BIANCA: Oh, I do that all the time, darling. Now, come on. Stop worrying.
BERNARD: Good night, Bianca.

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