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The Rescuers 2 where we must investigate

Quotes BERNARD: I was walking through the thing, and he just I'll take a look around, see what I can find. Miss Bianca, over here. I found something.
MISS BIANCA: Good work. Now we're getting somewhere. Oh, look. The little girl's treasures.
BERNARD: Boy, the things kids collect.
MISS BIANCA: Do you think she could be still here in the orphanage?
BERNARD: Well, she can't be. It says on the box, Hold until further notice.
MISS BIANCA: Well, maybe she's been adopted.
BERNARD: No, because she would've taken these things with her. Mice!
RUFUS: Now, looked here, you two if folks find out that mice moved in here I'll get kicked out, lose my job.
MISS BIANCA: Oh, don't worry, Mr. Cat. We won't be here long.
RUFUS: I'm a mite too old to be chasing' mice. I sure can. But you ain't gonna find her around here. The poor little
thing ran away. BERNARD: When was the last time you saw Penny?
MISS BIANCA: Was there anything unusual? Try to remember.
RUFUS: Let's see now. The last time I saw her she was sitting over there on her bed, all alone. She looked awful sad, and so I asked her what's wrong, Penny honey?
PENNY: Nothing.
RUFUS: Oh, come on, now.
PENNY: Well, it was adoption day at the orphanage.
RUFUS: Well, what happened?
PENNY: A man and a lady came and looked at me but they choosed a little redheaded girl. She was prettier than me.
RUFUS: Oh! She couldn't be! You listen to me, darlin'. You're something extra special.
PENNY: No, I'm not.
RUFUS: Why, someday a mama and a papa will come to the orphanage looking for a pretty little girl just like you.
PENNY: Honest?
RUFUS: I'll bet my whiskers on it. But you've got to believe it. Keep the faith, sweetheart. Do you see that bluebird?
PENNY: Yes, I do.
RUFUS: It's for real, and as sure as the first evening star. You can't touch it or buy it or wrap it up tight but it's there just the same making things turn out right.
PENNY: Can't touch it or buy it or wrap it up tight but it's there just the same, making things turn out right. But whoever adopts me has to adopt Teddy too.
RUFUS: Oh, they'll love him. He doesn't eat much, does he?
PENNY: Oh, here! I brought you something.
RUFUS: Land o' Goshen! Catnip snaps!
PENNY: No! They're ginger snaps!
RUFUS: Well, an old codger like me could use a little ginger. PENNY: I tacked two extra ones for lunch today. We're not supposed to do that.
RUFUS: Well, you can trust me. I won't tattletale on you. PENNY: I love you, Rufus. Gee, we'd better hurry, or we'll be late for supper!
RUFUS: She seemed happy enough, but the next thing I heard Penny was gone.
BERNARD: Well, aren't the police still looking for her?
RUFUS: No. They gave up weeks ago.
MISS BIANCA: Oh, this is terrible. That poor little girl.
BERNARD: I just can't believe that Penny would run away. Mr. Rufus, please think. Now, there must be something else.
RUFUS: Well, come to think of it, there was. No, it's nothing. Penny wouldn't get in with her.
BERNARD: Get in what? With who?
RUFUS: Oh, a weird lady tried to give Penny a ride but she wouldn't have anything to do with trashy people like them.
MISS BIANCA: Trashy people? Who?
RUFUS: She and her partner run a sleazy pawn shop down the street.
BERNARD: Miss Bianca, we must go down there and investigate.
RUFUS: Suit yourself, but you'd be wasting your time going down there.
BERNARD: She could be in real trouble. We gotta find her and help her.
RUFUS: Yeah, but two little mice. What can you do?
MISS BIANCA: Bernard, a child's book! It's Penny's!
BERNARD: Then she's gotta be here. What's so funny?
MISS BIANCA: Your tail! Here, let me help you fix it. MADAME MEDUSA: Who could be ringing at this time of night? Hello, boss. Snoops! Don't tell me, Snoops. Let me guess. You found it! You've found the diamond! Give you time? You bungler! You have been down there for three months. Bottles? What bottles? You caught Penny sending messages in bottles? You blundering fool! Can't you control a little girl? Shut up! I am taking the next flight down to Devil's Bayou!
MISS BIANCA: This is terrible. We've got to go with her.
BERNARD: Yeah, come on. In the suitcase. MADAME MEDUSA: Bumbling boob. He fouls up everything. Leave him for a few weeks and Oh, why won't this stupid thing close? Out of my way, you road hog!

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