Meet the Robinsons (2007)

watch the 47th movie in Disney Animated Classics series based on the book 'A Day with Wilbur Robinson' by William Joyce.

Brief story

the film show as Lewis is an aspiring young inventor at an orphanage whose inventions have been scaring off potential parents. He decides that his mother is the only one who truly loves him and works on a machine to scan his memory to locate her. Unfortunately, this keeps his roommate Michael "Goob" Yagoobian awake, which then causes Goob to fall asleep during an important Little League game. Then I didn't choose that one because it was gonna give me pimples, so I choosed another scary one

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because, for all those years that I went for Halloween, I wasn't scary at all. I love baseball. It's my destiny to play that game. I don't really care about winning. Well, like, now I do 'cause, like, we've lost every game. I've gotten tired of it. I'm working, like, so hard. All the balls are getting thrown to me. I'm trying to catch, like, every one. All of the people in the outfield are all looking around and... Come on! Let's play some baseball, okay? Not the lazy game. They're here. Lewis? Lewis? Goob! Hey, I did it, Goob! I finished it! They are gonna love this! Nothing says "adopt me" like a weird invention. Lewis! Lewis, the Harringtons are here! Way ahead of you, Mildred. Wait! Wait! Wait, wait, wait. Remember, sit up straight. Look them in the eye. Smile. Let's fix your... Mildred. All right, all right, all right, all right. Go show them how special you are. Oh, I hope this is it. I hope he gets adopted. You and me both, chief. I mean, there's so many things in the world that can be improved. Just think of it. Moving sidewalks, flying cars. The possibilities are endless. Flying cars? Yeah, that's a good one. All it takes is some imagination and a little science, and we can make the world a better place. Well, these are all interesting ideas. So, what's your favourite sport? Well, does inventing count as a sport? Actually... 'Cause I think I hit a home run with this one! What is that? First, a question. What's the number one problem that you face when you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Lewis, I don't think we... Portion control. Too much peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth, takes forever to chew. Too much jelly squishes out the sides and makes your hands all sticky. Well, I propose that the perfect P.B. and J. is within mankind's grasp, and I've built this machine to achieve it. For this demonstration, I'll use regular bread. Honey, it's okay. As you can see, toasting is an option. We don't usually eat peanut butter. Lewis, this is really not necessary. It's jammed! Lewis, please, don't! What's happening? Mr Harrington has a peanut allergy! I'm sorry! Here let me help you get that off! Stand back! Is he gonna be okay? Breathe. Breathe.

Picture of main characters

Lewis, a young inventor
Lewis, a young inventor
  Wilbur Robinson, a mysterious boy
Wilbur Robinson, a mysterious boy
Bowler Hat Guy
Bowler Hat Guy
  Meet the Robinsons picture
Meet the Robinsons picture

Songs from original soundtracks

Another Believer, Little Wonders, The Future Has Arrived, Where is Your Heart at?, Give Me the Simple Life, The Motion Waltz


Wilbur Robinsons: It's my dad's motto. Lewis: Why would his motto be keep moving forward? Wilbur Robinsons: It's what he does.
Mrs. Harrington: It was really nice to meet you. We're gonna need some time to think about it.
Lewis: That's a prototype? Wilbur: The very first!... Or, what's left of it. Lewis: Yikes. Wilbur: Yeah. Dark day at the Robinson household.
Bowler Hat Guy: All he wants to do is go back in time to meet the mother he never knew, but they won't let him. We'd let him, though.
Wilbur: Wilbur Robinson never fails!... But on the slight chance that I do... Carl: Slight chance, yeah, you know what, I'll run the numbers!

Meet the Robinsons Transcription


As the fusion between Disney and Pixar occurred during the production of Meet the Robinsons, John Lasseter became the chief creative officer for the Walt Disney Company.


During the production of Meet the Robinsons, director Stephen J. Anderson acquired a new boss in the form of John Lasseter who became chief creative officer for both Disney and Pixar.
Disney's Meet the Robinsons is available from Buena Vista Games for PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, and PC.
The dinosaur mascot for the baseball team that Goob plays for is a homage to 'Dinosaur Bob and his Adventures with the Family Lazardo' by William Joyce - who wrote the book from which Meet the Robinsons is based.
Meet the Robinsons grossed $97,822,171 in the United States and Canada and $71,510,863 in other territories, totaling $169,333,034 worldwide.

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